& VIsa Partner at World Cup

Visa is the Official Payment Technology Partner of FIFA since 2007. is also an official sponsor of this event. Both have joined forces and combine football, art, and NFTs. 

So let’s have a look what Visa and are up to.

Source: Masters of Movement

What Is the Visa Masters of Movement?

The Visa Masters of Movements is a hybrid experience. It’s an NFT auction, inspired by iconic World Cup goals. Visa selected 5 legendary football players for this. Meet Jared Borgetti, Tim Cahill, Carli Lloyd, Michael Owen, and Maxi Rodriguez. 

The project consists of a pre-World Cup NFT auction. The auction lasts until 8th November. Here you can bid on the NFTs from these iconic goals. On the other hand, there’s also a FIFA Fan Festival™ in Doha, Qatar during the tournament. Here you can find a digital LED pitch. It has tracking technology. This gives you the opportunity to turn your moves into art. The color schemes include national flag colors. Fans can get the digital art as an email attachment. A limited number of fans get really lucky. In other words, their move will come as a unique NFT.

Source: Visa

NFT Auction at

In the meantime, you can take part in the auction at You can bid on the collection of famous World Cup goals. They come as an NFT. If you win the auction, you also get a high-quality printable art file. You will also receive some signed memorabilia, signed by the players. For instance,

  • Maxi Rodriguez – Signed match-worn Argentina jersey
  • Tim Cahill – Signed match-worn Australia jersey from the 2014 FIFA World Cup™
  • Jared Borgetti – Signed Mexico jersey
  • Carli Lloyd – Signed U.S. jersey and signed Sports Illustrated magazine
  • Michael Owen – Signed match-worn England jersey, boots, and signed copy of his autobiography Reboot

All proceeds will go to Street Child United. This is a charitable organization based in the UK. They stand up for street-connected children.

Conclusion and Visa have a great partnership for the 2022 World Cup Football in Qatar. You can bid on NFTs from famous World Cup goals. So, during the World Cup, there will be a designated fan area. Fans can have their footy moves turn into digital art, or even an NFT. 

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