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Let me ask you something, what is the most difficult question in crypto? For me it has always been – When is it the best time to buy a crypto coin? I strongly feel November might give us some exact short and long-term buy/sell opportunities to do that.

That’s because a few token unlock events are happening this month. This means a drop in the price of some massive potential altcoin gems. You can buy the dip and enjoy your gains once the bull market kicks in. Are you ready for this? Let’s do it.

Coin # 1: IMX

And we kick this off with one of our fave coins. IMX from Immutable X. We mentioned them many times in our videos. This includes a deep dive, not too long ago. Now, if you’re interested in buying the dip, this is your chance.

Come 5th November, there will be a token unlock event. No less than 254,862,617.5 IMX or $148,544,893 will unlock. That’s 12.743% of the total supply. So, this is a great opportunity to buy cheap IMX. This way, you can set yourself up for the next bull run and reap the benefits. Don’t forget that Disney, Marvel, TikTok, and OpenSea use Immutable X. 

Also, the current price of the IMX token is $0.582101 but expect this to drop. Are you a fan of IMX, just like us? Let me know in the comments, and we move on. Our next token is APT and its ecosystem.

Coin # 2: APT

Aptos is making waves at the moment. We all know by now about their shaky launch and not-so-great tokenomics. I just highlighted Aptos and its ecosystem in a videoWe’re more excited about the Aptos ecosystem. Mo Shaik, the Aptos CEO, just tweeted that already 30 projects launched on Aptos. This is where I focus on.

So, what do I try to do? I look especially at NFT collections. Find a blue chip, like InSilva. I also try to get whitelisted in Discord servers of other collections. Or, even better, get an OG role. This allows you to buy the NFTs before the public sale, at a cheaper price. Twitter is the best place to search for these opportunities.

Here are some NFT collections to look out for, besides InSilva, are, for example:

Did you already interact with one of the Aptos projects? How did it go? Let us know in the comments. Now it’s time to hit the biggest event to start in November. The World Cup football in Qatar. Kickoff is 20th November.

Coin #3: ALGO

There are a few crypto projects that got involved with the World Cup. One is Algorand. They are the official blockchain sponsor for FIFA. Just to clarify, FIFA is the governing body that organizes the World Cup.

We also did a video, just over a week ago on ALGO. Now, with the World Cup about to kick off, ALGO may well see a positive price development. As one of the main sponsors, their names will be all over the place. This is one of the biggest, if not, THE biggest sports event in the world.

So, many people will see the Algorand name for the first time. During and after the games, I expect the price to go up. I think that many people will buy the token during or shortly after games. My plan is to sell my ALGO during or shortly after the World Cup. That way I make the most out of it.

Therefore, there’s a reason why Algorand is also interesting in the long term. In May, they acquired Napster. Thus paving the way for the music industry to become more fan-friendly. Algorand also likes Napster’s vision where they put the artist first. Web3 to its fullest.

The current price of ALGOs token is $0.324605. Let’s keep an eye out on this. So, let’s move on to another coin that is big in football, Chiliz.

Coin #4: CHZ

Part of the Chiliz ecosystem is the Socios fan tokens. They concentrate heavily on football. This means that both the CHZ and Socios fan tokens may do well before and during the World Cup.

Also, Bitci is another platform that offers fan tokens. And guess what? I’m looking into a few of these fan tokens because they’re pumping. Especially early on in October. I expect them to pick up again during the WC. Argentina on Socios had a good run in early October. If they perform well during the WC, it’ll be bingo. They were already up by 9%. On Bitci we have:

So, keep an eye out on CHZ, and all the national team fan tokens of teams that will play in Qatar. I will buy now, and sell during the tournament. What is your favorite team during the FIFA World Cup? Drop your fave team in the comments! And this brings us to NFT gaming.

Coin #5: EFI

Efinity and its EFI token are another all-time faves of us at Altcoin Buzz. I talked about EFI a few days ago. In the same video that saw IMX. 

EFI also has a token unlock event coming up. On the 4th of November, their second last unlock happens. Another 15% of their token supply unlocks, with only 15% left to unlock. I expect once more a dip in the EFI price. This a great moment to buy into and get EFI at a reduced price. 4 The current price is $0.112757. So, we’re almost done, 1 more token to go, and that’s GLMR.

Coin #6: GLMR

Moonbeam’s GLMR is in a similar situation as IMX. It’s one of my fave tokens, and they have a token unlock. Come 11th November, it’s their turn. 2 Just a week ago, I talked about GLMR. Check out this video.

They unlock 21,682,879.09 GLMR or $10,076,901. However, this is only 2.168% of their total supply. The GLMR token now has less than 40% still locked. Then, with a current price of the GLMR token of $0.464494, expect this to drop as well. However, it allows for discounted shopping. GLMR’s ATH was $19.50, just 10 months ago. If it goes back there, that is an x42.

Do you think GLMR can go back to its ATH? I like to know what you think, so drop us a comment.


Here we are, at the end of 6 tokens to look out for in November. # of them have an unlock event, IMX, EFI, and GLMR. Great moments to buy the expected dip. The Aptos ecosystem is gearing up. A good moment to explore and look for good projects.

And we have the biggest sports event of the year coming up in Qatar, the FIFA World Cup. Something to look forward to as crypto and sports fans. This time, crypto projects, like Algorand, are the main sponsors of the event. Other related football projects like Chiliz or fan tokens may ride the WC wave. 

Various reasons why the crypto market is something to look forward to this month. And of course, this is by no means financial advice, etc.

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