Uniswap Confirms v4 Update for Q3-2024

DeFi protocol Uniswap will launch its V4 in Q3-2024 after the upcoming Dencun upgrade on Ethereum, slated for March.

The Uniswap Foundation, the organization backing the Uniswap protocol shared the announcement on X.

Uniswap v4 Update Set for Q3-2024 Launch

Uniswap is one of the most popular automated market makers. It helps process trades between tokens using liquidity pools rather than conventional order books. The protocol has witnessed several changes since its launch in 2018. 

Uniswap’s last upgrade, V3, came in 2021. V3 introduced “concentrated liquidity,” which allowed liquidity providers to select their desired price ranges where their capital works for better fees.

The v4 draft code suggests that Uniswap will become more modular in its structure, primarily by introducing “hooks.” These hooks are smart contracts that will enable more customization by using on-chain limit orders, dynamic fees, and customizable on-chain oracles in Uniswap’s liquidity pools.

Furthermore, the v4 will incorporate a feature known as the “flash accounting” method that helps reduce fees for liquidity providers. However, this system depends on “transient storage,” which will be enabled by the proposed EIP-1153, which is scheduled to be included in the forthcoming Dencun update.

Uniswap’s V4 Roadmap

The Uniswap Foundation shared a roadmap in a post on X showing its plans for the new feature. The foundation noted that the V4 is currently in the “Code Freeze” phase and undergoing testing, core code completion, security enhancements, gas optimization, and other details. 

Afterward, the foundation will utilize audit companies and a community audit competition to inspect the code of v4. Interestingly, the foundation believes the upcoming v4 will be the “most rigorously audited code ever deployed on Ethereum.” At the same time, the team plans to deploy the DEX on the testnet for last-minute tweaks.

Per the roadmap shared on X, the third phase involves slotting the Uniswap v4 into the Ethereum mainnet in Q3-2024. The group, however, clarified that this date was subject to change, depending on how the Dencun update plays out.


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