Web3 Vouchers by Avalanche & Alipay+ in Southeast Asia

In a groundbreaking initiative in Southeast Asia, users can now earn vouchers by participating in a branded mini-game.

These vouchers offer up to 50% off milk teas from 10 top brands. Valid at over 500 regional shops, with expansion to 2,000+ outlets planned.

Unlocking Discounts: Voucher Expansion Plans

According to Avalanche, this voucher program runs on an Avalanche Subnet by AvaCloud, advancing digital voucher distribution. This marks phase one of a two-part POC to revolutionize digital voucher distribution and redemption. The POC’s second phase plans to expand to food and beverage merchants, reaching over 100 million users across multiple countries. This expansion seeks to further blend physical and digital consumer experiences

Avalanche’s deal with major e-wallets integrates Alipay+ D-store, using its Web3 features. Alipay+ D-store offers an all-in-one ordering solution, simplifying the process of setting up an online store. It offers a suite of tools to streamline in-store operations, online sales, orders, marketing, and insights. Impressively, businesses can establish their online presence in just 10 minutes with no upfront cost, simplifying the digital transition for all merchants.

More About Avalanche

MapleStory, the iconic MMORPG from Korea’s premier game studio Nexon, is embarking on an exciting new chapter by joining the Avalanche ecosystem with its very own Subnet. MapleStory has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide with its engaging gameplay and vibrant world.

MapleStory’s new focus on user-generated content lets players own their creations. MapleStory’s shift to Avalanche’s Subnet highlights its tech leadership and boosts the gaming experience with blockchain integration.


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