Crypto traders have finally come to terms with the volatility of the market. The sudden fall of Bitcoin from grace (many believe it would bounce back) opened a fresh discussion over the safety of assets. Experienced crypto traders investing in altcoins for the long term are already familiar with this volatility concern. As a result, these traders are increasing the number of ways they can profit from their investments.

Auto-compounders, which are often called yield optimizers are one of the ways crypto traders have found to increase their chances of making profits. Yield aggregators are intended for farmers who want to maximize profits by utilizing various DeFi protocols and strategies. So, they allow traders to earn trading fees in exchange for providing liquidity, and can also be auto-compounded to increase your APR/APY.

Auto-compounders are an on-chain asset management protocol. They employ data analysis and optimization techniques to automatically compound rewards to achieve the highest possible compound interest rate. These protocols reinvest a user’s returns from LPs or staking, (usually once or more per day,) to maximize the APY.

However, in normal circumstances, protocol yield is not automatically reinvested. So, a user must manually collect and reinvest it. But, manually reinvesting a user’s earnings would necessitate a number of transactions, and the gas fee may be prohibitively expensive.

What are the Benefits of Using Auto-Compounders?

Everyone wants to make a profit. So auto-compounders offer a series of benefits to traders who utilize them. Here are a few such benefits: 

  1. They help reduce exposure to garbage farm tokens. 
  2. Users enjoy the benefits of compounding passively.
  3. They hold potential tax benefits.
  4. It results in lower transaction costs.
  5. They eliminate the need for a user to manually transfer funds between protocols.

Despite these enticing benefits, there are some potential risks to be aware of. Here they are: 

  1. Technical and economic weaknesses could give malicious attackers the chance to hack.
  2. There is the possibility of fluctuating APYs.

Having examined both sides, let’s look at some of the top auto-compounders in the crypto space.

Beefy Finance

Beefy Finance is a leading multi-chain platform that optimizes yield. A team of anonymous developers founded Beefy Finance in October 2020 to assist investors in automating and maximizing returns. It is also the first yield optimizer on Binance Smart Chain. The platform has several vaults where users can deposit their liquidity pools or single assets and multiply their profits.

These vaults employ a range of tactics and automation strategies that compound a user’s deposited funds at regular intervals. In addition, the vault has no locking period. Users will receive the $mooTokens, which represents their share in the vault, once they deposit their funds. 

source: Beefy Finance

Beefy Finance currently supports Polygon, Avalanche, BSC, Arbitrum, Aurora, Avalanche, BSC, Celo, Cronos, Fantom, Fuse, Harmony, and many others. Read this article to learn how to use Beefy Finance.

AutoFarm Network

Autofarm is a cross-chain yield aggregator. It enables users to invest their crypto assets in high-yield farming pools in exchange for rewards. The platform runs on the Binance Smart Chanin and utilizes BSC’s low fees to generate high compound interest. 

To maximize returns, Autofarm’s vaults automatically compound members’ yields at empirically optimal intervals. It also employs the finest yield optimizing strategies. Autofarm utilizes a specialized flexible harvesting optimizer to ensure that their vaults earn the maximum APYs.

source: Autofarm

In addition, Autofarm is a straightforward platform. The AutoFarm vaults compound its crypto yields automatically. This benefits users by saving them time and fees. Additionally, users who use the Autofarm will receive the AutoFarm coin, $AUTO.

Reaper Farm

Reaper Farm is an auto-compounding yield farm that takes full advantage of compound interest to enhance users’ yields. Furthermore, the platform makes yield farming readily available for all new Fantom projects. So, this serves as a boost to the overall Fantom ecosystem. The most notable feature of Reaper Farm is that it supports almost all of the Fantom system’s assets.

Using Reaper is as simple as depositing LP assets into its Crypts. They function as automated financial strategies, requiring no additional human input. A Reaper Harvest-Bot is located within each Crypt and completes a series of transactions, This then compounds the profits for all Crypt users as soon as it is lucrative to do so. As a result, users will have a highly tax-efficient medium that grows their underlying assets.

In conclusion, auto-compounders are a good option for traders. However, they have some associated risks. As a result, it is best to use protocols that top security platforms have audited.

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