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Not your keys, not your coins. If you’re active in crypto, you must be familiar with this phrase. Now, the Ordinals add a bit of an extra dimension to this. At the end of the day, Ordinals are Satoshis (sats). These are the smallest denominators of a Bitcoin. Each Bitcoin has 100 million Satoshis. 

However, Ordinals have an inscription. So, you would rather not pay something accidentally with an Ordi. That’s why you want a wallet that can distinguish between a normal ‘sat’ and an Ordinal. So, without further ado, I’m about to show you the best three wallets for BRC-20 tokens. 

#1: Unisat Wallet

UniSat is one of the OG Ordinals wallets. It also offers a few advantages over other wallets. For instance, compared to the Official Wallet or Ordinals Wallet. You may notice that these wallets have some limitations. It’s also a non-custodial wallet and it’s open source.

For instance, when you want to use the official wallet, you also need to run a full node. In the Ordinals Wallet, you can store NFTs. However, initially, you couldn’t transfer them. On the other hand, the UniSat Wallet is a browser extension. You can easily install it on your Chrome browser. It’s lightweight, in contrast to the original Wallet.

unisat wallet review

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UniSat boots fast, and you can do exactly what you normally would with any BTC transaction. In other words, send, receive, or store NFTs. Or, in this case, Ordis. As we know, NFTs are non-fungible. On the other hand, BRC-20 tokens are fungible. However, they are compatible with the Bitcoin network.

Another important feature is that UniSat recognizes unconfirmed NFTs on the spot. This means that you don’t have to wait before you can see your inscription details. The miners can mine them now, and they go into a block. No other existing Ordinals compatible wallet or explorer offers this option.

unisat wallet review

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So, this makes UniSat one of the top choices. To get the wallet you do the following:

  • Go to Unisat
  • Click Download from Chrome Store (only go there from this link).
  • When you click it you get this. It has 300k+ users. This is the right one to download as a browser extension.
  • There are 2 suspect-looking ones in the Google Play Store. Do not download either one. The official one is the one from the link from the website to the Chrome Web Store for the extension.
#2: Xverse Wallet

The Xverse Wallet saw the light of day, a day before the Ordinals Wallet launched. Their goal is to offer the most advanced Bitcoin wallet. They see themselves as a ‘Bitcoin wallet for Web3’. It’s available as a Chrome extension and for your Android and iOS mobile phones.

The features it offers are buying, selling, storing, and inscribing your Ordinals. The good news is, that you also, for Xverse, don’t need to run a node to inscribe Sats. You only need some Bitcoin, to cover the transaction fees. 

They use the Gamma NFT marketplace to make inscriptions. However, it takes around 20–30 minutes before you can see your NFTs. Xverse also makes it easy to inscribe your own Ordinals. Just upload an image or text and send a transaction to your Ordinals address. This allows you to join this fast-growing market with ease.

You can buy and sell your Ordinals not only on Gamma but also on Magic Eden. For this, they use PSBTs. These are Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions. To clarify, they make the transactions human readable on their interface.

An interesting feature they offer is their fiat on-ramp option. You can buy Bitcoin and pay transaction fees. 

Xverse Wallet is a non-custodial wallet. So, this puts you in charge of your own assets in the wallet.

#3: Ordinals Wallet

The Ordinals wallet launched on 16th February 2023. Within the first week, users created over 100,000 wallets. It was one of the early wallets that could store and hold your Ordinals. This wallet also allowed you to view your Ordinals. Well, yeah, everything is so new with Ordinals, that this used to be a big thing. 

BRC-20 Ordinals Wallet review

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For example, transferring, sending, or inscribing wasn’t a given fact. The team added all these features later. Besides, files or NFTs, text, and BRC-20 tokens, they also offer a name service. However, this wallet only stores Ordinals and Bitcoin. On the other hand, the wallet offers an easy-to-use interface. For instance, you can also buy BTC with fiat through MoonPay.

What’s fascinating about this wallet is that it is self/community funded. So, partially, they rely on donations. It’s also a marketplace, and the wallet is non-custodial. 4 The marketplace offers NFTs, BRC-20 tokens, and SNS names. Like the other two wallets, it’s also non-custodial. Furthermore, it has some other good features to offer. For example,

  • Multi-signature support. 
  • Two-factor authentication. 
  • Cold storage options. 
  • View your transaction history.

ordinals BRC-20 wallet maps

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So, a worthy choice in this list of three BRC-20 wallets. Have you used one of these wallets? Or even another wallet that I didn’t mention? Like Hiro? 

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