According to a bot that records Bitcoin transactions, there have been a total of 25 Bitcoin transactions that were included in the block 583,139, worth $6 Billion.

More About The Bot

The bot is called Block Bot and it can be found on Twitter. One should follow the account and click on the bell in order to get notifications on the latest Bitcoin transactions.

According to a report from AmbCrypto, all the transactions formed a big linear transaction.

The “main” wallets in the right order:

Everything started from the first wallet with a total transferred sum of 24,393 Bitcoins to the second wallet.

The second wallet also transferred 300 BTC to the third wallet and 24,000 BTC to a forth wallet.

The third wallet received a total of 5,800 BTC and was a receiving wallet in all the transactions.

A fun fact is that one address had a message attached to it and it sounded like this:

“We’ll buy your Bitcoins. [email protected]

The report also states that the third wallet performed 440,505 transactions with a total of 5,959,532 BTC which is considerable volume. The wallet now holds 6,445 BTC ($72.5 million).

In conclusion, this could be a case of accumulation. I think everyone is buying a little bit of Bitcoin at the moment.


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