NEXT BIG Metaverse! Better than Sandbox & Decentraland

Metaverse and game lovers, we have something very cool for you today. A betanet launch. But it’s not just for one metaverse. It’s for one metaverse with access to EVERY OTHER METAVERSE that exists.

Imagine no longer having to log out or disconnect wallets. You can connect from one metaverse to another because they are all interconnected now. That’s what you get with Somnia and it’s betanet. Wanna see how it works? Let’s check it out!

What is Somnia?

After a long, tough bear market, metaverses are making a comeback. But metaverses are always disconnected from each other. In the last bull run, you had Decentraland and The Sandbox as the leaders. And others followed.

But they don’t talk to each other. And the many games building out their metaverses don’t talk to each other or Decentraland either. Enter Somnia Network. Somnia sees this problem. Their main goal is an open and unified metaverse. They describe themselves as the base layer for metaverses.

They are a Layer 1 blockchain designed with metaverses in mind. The Somnia chain includes other protocols and tools to help metaverses connect. These protocols called SOM0 and SOM1 allow for

  • Interoperability of assets between chains.
  • Create your virtual assets.

You can see right away how this would help a game on the BSC Network and a game on an Avalanche subnet connect. Then they can talk to each other. Or trade assets. Or work together to advance in both games. Somnia feels it can capture some of the more than $100 million in TVL trapped in isolation. It’s stuck between blockchain games, metaverses, and NFT collections.

The potential here is huge. If you see it too, then you will want to know about Somnia’s betanet launch. It starts this week and you can check it out here. But I will get into this more in a minute. Imagine one ID with one avatar across many metaverses.

Somnia is making it happen. Do you have a favorite metaverse project? Let us know in the comments below.

Who is Somnia?

I promise I’m going to get to the betanet launch. But first, the team behind the project. The Virtual Society Foundation (VSF) is working hard to improve all things virtual worlds. That can mean exposure and access or consistent quality standards.  And the VSF team is the team behind Somnia.

The Somnia team and its backers, MSquared, are serious players. They’ve been funded by a16z and Softbank among others. And they’ve been behind cool events like:

  • Major League Baseball’s virtual ballpark from M Squared, a major backer and a project about linking metaverses together
  • Listening parties for KPop stars like TWICE all to bring more traffic to Somnia.

Somnia’s Betanet Launch

Now, what you’ve been waiting for. The betanet launch. Most metaverses are closed. But Somnia wants to change that. With its Playground, any content creator can create their metaverse. And that becomes part of Somnia’s multiverse. Pretty cool, huh? You could create a space just for you and your buddies to hang out. OR have work meetings if you want.

Plus, With Somnia, your metaverse is in your browser. This gives gamers and metaverse users exactly what they need. An easy front end to access their metaverse of choice. Internet providers keep all the TCP/IP and other essential back-end technologies out of our way. So we can just surf the web as we want.

And Somnia is doing the same thing here. Keeping protocols and blockchains in the background on the back end. Then add a super easy front end that anyone can use.

BetaNet Tasks & Events

When you join and become a Somniac, you get access to lots of exclusive content and events. Here are some of the tasks you can do to help the team out:

  • Connecting Your Wallet. Remember, creating a new wallet for betanets and testnets lowers your risk.
  • Create and Mint your own Avatar for the Metaverse as an NFT.
  • Sharing your experience on Twitter, and more.

On the Events side, if the past events are any sign, you can get into some very cool stuff here. The Edison Metaverse, in particular, is taking full advantage of these events. They use them to draw more attention to themselves. And of course, your new Avatars are welcome. You can earn points and qualify for other cool things like upgrading your NFT to increase its value.

Also, starting this week is a Galxe campaign. Again, more chances to earn early access and exclusive items. The interoperability of Somnia’s metaverse is one of its key benefits. It almost works like the “Sign In w Google” or “Sign In w Apple ID” authentications we see across the web.

You can use your avatar and identity on Somnia to interact in ANY other metaverse. Do you know who else is doing that? No one. Not Sandbox or Decentraland or anyone else. This one benefit alone makes Somnia Network worth a try. To earn access to some cool events and other exclusive items try the Somnia Network betanet today.



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