AnRKey X™ ($ANRX) Coming to Uniswap & Bithumb Global

The excitement around AnRKey X™, the project that merges the best of DeFi, eSports, and Web 3.0 NFTs is growing. Immediately after closing the oversubscribed DAO Maker public sale, the project announced the listing of its native token $ANRX on Bithumb Global and Uniswap. Interestingly, the community was expecting a $ANRX major exchange listing on 20 December 2020. However, AnRKey X™ surprised them as the listing is happening on 18 December 2020 on two the exchanges at the same time.

Recently, AnRKey X™ raised a total of $1,397,500 in private funds and this will fund the development of games on its proprietary Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange (gDEX).

Why Uniswap and Bithumb Global?

According to JD Salbego, the CEO, Founder, & Art Director of AnRKey X™, the experts on the team have been strategizing the $ANRX listing for the last couple of months now. The strategy was to protect the investors from unibots price manipulations on the exchanges. Recently, it has been noticed that unibots artificially pump the price of tokens and then crash them to the floor.

To prevent this from happening, the team has been working to build price discovery and a price floor on the centralized exchange. This will help tackle the unibots challenges and misconceptions and protect the market price and liquidity support for tokens.

Furthermore, Salbego stated that AnRKey X™ and Bitthumb Global share the same vision and mission. Additionally, it will provide $ANRX token traders a fast and trustworthy platform. Similarly, listing on Uniswap will protect the traders’ investments and Arcade Coin Price.

Major upcoming releases

According to the official blog, the TestNet launch of the first and the most anticipated game Battle Wave 2323 on AnRKey X™ is planned for next week. Additionally, the first AnRKey X™ Universe Side-Chain NFT Collectables will also roll out next week.

Around 20 December 2020, the team will launch its brand-new staking interface. Known as AnRKey X Power Up Staking Charge Base, the platform offers 80% APY earning capability by staking $ANRX.

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