Coniun Community Brace up for TGE on Uniswap

Coniun is a crypto project focused on reducing the entrance barrier to the NFT marketplace. So, relying on Coniun’s analytics tools, crypto users can spot new NFT projects and manage their existing NFTs.

Coniun focuses on its community. And recent events on the platform have been focused on giving its community a chance to experience the project first-hand. Furthermore, Coniun has a suite of B2B and B2C utilities for the NFT marketplace. Some of its offerings include:

  • The Coniun Pass NFT collection.
  • NFT analytics tool (
  • Whitelist distribution tool for projects.
  • WL allocation pool from upcoming projects (C-BOX).

Coniun Pass has enjoyed incredible success with a floor price of 2 ETH and a $15 million volume. Interestingly, Coniun plans to leverage this success and tokenized its ecosystem to create long-term value and scale its community. Coniun also ranks as one of the most promising NFT projects due to its innovative approach.

The $CONI Token

Coniun recently held its IDO on Seediy, and the response was massive. The IDO took place on March 30, 2023. The $CONI token serves as a powerhouse for the entire project. The project plans to use the revenues gotten from its utilities and royalties earned from its NFT collections to buy back and burn $CONI. This will create value for the token holders.

The $CONI token will enable the following functions:

  • Link operations of the platform together.
  • Reduce entrance barriers and enable more people to adopt the ecosystem.
  • Increase the number of people who can join the community.
  • Attract potential buyers to the ecosystem.
  • Generate profit for the community. Furthermore, it will allow the company to scale its B2B services.
Coniun token distribution
Source: Coniun

$CONI will revolutionize the utility token game with its 8-level tier system based on staking requirements. In addition, users can earn utility gems via staking the $CONI token.

What’s Next on Coniun?

The $CONI token is listed on Uniswap. In addition, claiming began at 4:00 UTC. Here’s the detail of the listing.

Source: Coniun

Chain: ETH
Total supply: 100 million
Initial Mcap: $129,150
Listing price: $0.045

The total supply of $CONI is set to 100 million tokens. Also, there is no minting capability. So, the total supply will never increase. Find out more details about the event on Coniun’s website or Twitter page.


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