Trailblaze: The Future of Diverse Fundraising

Fundraising in crypto can take on many forms. There are plenty of platforms out there that offer their services. Trailblaze is entering this space now. It offers investments of all types and at all stages. Ranging from pre-seed to IDOs (Initial DEX Offering) or (Initial NFT Offering).

So, let’s take a closer look at what makes Trailblaze stand out.

What Is Trailblaze?

The team behind Trailblaze is Mighty Labs. This is a multi-tier Wild West-themed DAO. There was an urge to find a new fundraising model. This should lead to:

  • Investments are going to the right people.
  • Help blockchain tech growth.

The MIghty Labs DAO offers decentralized due diligence. This should open up fair access to capital for everyone. The elected DAO Councillors will find the quality projects to launch on Trailblaze. The projects that want to launch on Trailblaze need to hold an amount of $BLAZE. However, if they hold any NFTs by Mighty Labs, they receive discounted fees. For example, by having the Sheriff or Pioneer rank.

The platform will take a fee from every project that launches on Trailblaze. 10% will go to the treasury. The team uses this for incubation, acceleration, grants, and initiatives. 

Key Features of Trailblaze

Trailblaze has five key features:

  1. VIP KOL Portal — This grants members exclusive access to launches.
  2. Decentralized Due Diligence — Offers fair fundraising for all.
  3. Multi-Chain/Multi-Format — The platform operates on Ethereum and Binance Chain. An undisclosed L2 looks after low fees and fast transactions.
  4. VC Angel Portal — Makes the filling of pre-seed and seed rounds smooth.
  5. Exciting Gamification — Offers rewards for users.

Taking Part in IDOs (Season1)

To take part in a Trailblaze IDO, you need to stake $BLAZE. This rewards you with points and allows you to enter the leaderboard. Unstaking $BLAZE triggers a 30-day cooldown period. However, you can also stake Mighty Labs NFTs.

This gives you multiplier bonuses for the leaderboard. Like the $BLAZE tokens, unstaking has a 30-day cooldown period. Here are the multipliers for the NFTs.

  1. Sheriff NFT: grants 1.25x, 1.65x, and 2.25x. 3 NFTs staked is the limit.
  2. Pioneer NFT: grants 1.025x, 1.05x, and 1.1x. 3 NFTs staked is the limit.

Your leaderboard position will give you a specific Member Tier and allocation. In addition, the tier tells you when you can join the sale. There’s a snapshot before each before a project is added. The three tiers are:

  • Trailblazer (bottom 70% of the leaderboard)
  • Phoenix (top 10%-30% of the leaderboard)
  • Firedrake (top 10% of the leaderboard)

Furthermore, there are private and public pools for IDOs. The pools can have different settings. Private sales are exclusive to Firedrake and Phoenix NFT holders. Once you take part in a sale, on one of the five phases, there’s a built-in claim portal.

$BLAZE Tokenomics

According to X, $BLAZE’s total supply is 420 million. Its token price will be $0.009 pre-IDO and $0.015 for the IDO. The Fully Diluted Value (FDV) is $6,300,000. Its TGE (Token Generation Event) will be in early April 2024. The initial market cap is $1,612,067.

Enjinstarter is one of the launchpads for $BLAZE. The team will announce another tier 1 launchpad later. Now, you can participate in a giveaway campaign



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