Ripple is hot. The cryptocurrency, which has been recently added to Coinbase Custody, has seen a steady price increase since mid-September ultimately silencing it its bashers. Yet a new study by Great Place To Work Institute shows that it is not just a potentially worthy investment; it is also a great place to work at.

Great Place to Work, a recognized initiative which investigates working conditions in different companies and cooperates with giants like Mercedes Benz and Marriott International, has asked 139 Ripple employees what it feels like to work for the company. The results are more than astonishing: 91% of the respondents stated that they enjoy working at the company saying that the place is “great.”

And that is just the beginning: the study shows that 99% of employees feel proud of working for Ripple, while 98% describe the environment as such that provides them with opportunities and challenges. Concurrently, 97% of employees say that they are willing to “give extra to get the job done” primarily because they feel that the company supports them. And that is hardly surprising given that Ripple champions flexible schedules, paid vacations and sick days and allows their employees to do yoga at the office every week.

The employees seem to appreciate it and even describe their bosses as great — 96% of the respondents used precisely this adjective toward them. At the same time, 95% posit that the company provides them with all the necessary means to execute tasks.

Source: Great Place To Work Institute 

What is noteworthy is that the survey’s results are highly reliable, as the margin of error stands at ± 4.26. Put it simply, there is a 90% chance that the 139 interviewed employees indeed feel that Ripple is a great workplace and are ready to commit themselves to the company.

These results have bestowed Ripple with the “Great Place to Work 2018”certification distinguishing the best employers. Monica Long, Ripple’s Senior Vice President of marketing, congratulated her team.

The award has shown that Ripple which is currently trading at $0,40 on the crippled crypto market is nowhere close to disappearing or slumping. In fact, it is here to stay and is allegedly preparing to strike a partnership with the Bank of America. 

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