Top crypto moonshots

With so many altcoin projects mushrooming, it is becoming increasingly difficult for an average investor to find undiscovered coins that hold moonshot potential. 

The key goal of this article is to unveil the crypto moonshots that have recently lurked under our radar.

Project #1: Cryption Network Cryption Network

Cryption Network is building user-friendly DeFi 2.0 products for retail investors who are intimidated by the complexities of the crypto space. With their suite of products, they aim to bring in a wave of crypto mass adoption.

One of the spotlight products, Polydex, will launch in June. This will help Cryption increase crypto adoption, especially for the regular retail investors by creating a gasless, instant, cross-chain AMM DEX platform with elastic yield farming. Interestingly, Cryption Network will burn 50% of tokens received in fees, and 50% will be given back to the community via a staker.

Accomplishments to Date
  • PolyDEX is almost ready for launch and is currently being audited. Some tweaks have been done at the front end.
  • Other product contracts are already done, and they are in the testing phase.
Roadmap Ahead
  • In Q2 of 2021, the project aims to launch the Cryption App and gear up for their pre-sale.
  • They are also going to launch “Polydex” in June.
  • The team is also looking forward to the Uniswap launch in Q2.
  • In Q3 of 2021, the DeFi Stack launch would take place.

Total Funds Raised: $1.125 million

Notable Investors
  • Master Ventures
  • AU21
  • Genblock Capital
  • CMS
  • Gravity X, among others.

Fully Diluted Valuation at TGE: $12.5 million

Market Capitalization at TGE: $780,000

IDO Launchpad Platforms:

  •  June 8, 2021, on Zeroswap
  • June 8, 2021, 11 AM  UTC on Paid Ignition (tentative)
Competitor Analysis

Two very popular projects Cryption Network is competing against are DFYN and QuickSwap. Keeping the scale of competition in view, Cryption is offering some innovative features that can help with its strong placement in the competitive landscape. This is one of the reasons Cryption made it to our top crypto moonshots list.

Dfyn (fully diluted market cap: $1,053,804,063)

Cryption has better tokenomics for the community. According to the official blog, 60% of tokens will be distributed to the community. This will happen via various means like yield farming, airdrops, staking rewards, etc. It also offers a better and innovative way of farming known as Elastic Farming.

The native token, CNT, is deflationary in nature because of the burns. Also, Cryption offers better UI/UX.

Quickswap (fully diluted market cap $772,505,884)

Cryption is gasless and, as discussed above, offers better tokenomics (60%), better farming, better UI/UX, and its token is deflationary in nature.

Project #2: MozikMozik NFT

Mozik is a decentralized music NFT platform, which aims to build a healthier and fairer music ecosystem.  All the participants in the music ecosystem, including publishers, creators,  and fans can fairly participate. Mozik, through blockchain technology, registers earnings through super-star IP, music copyright, and IP derivatives on-chain. Artists benefit from Mozik’s platform because it provides incentives to them. All participants can share the rewards, with high engagement from fans and lower publishing costs.

  • Test version of their product is available
Roadmap Ahead

Q1-Q2 of 2021

  • Constructing the platform.
  • Providing the wallet function.
  • Releasing IP NFT asset management.

Q2-Q3 of 2021.

  • Introducing 10 music producers and developing domestic community, improving the platform.

Q3-Q4 of 2021

  • Introducing multiple overseas projects, conducting offline activities.

Q1 of 2022.

  • Providing MOZIK management function and the optimization of assets, content, and user community functions.

Total Funds Raised: $2.5 million in a private sale.

Notable Investors
  • Kenetic
  • Paid Ignition
  • Magnus Capital
  • Master Ventures
  • Chain Capital

Fully Diluted Valuation at TGE: $20 million

Market Capitalization at TGE: $511,000 USD

IDO Launchpad Platforms
  • June 6, 2021, on BSCPad
  • June 7, 2021, on Paid Ignition
DEX Listing 

Would be listing on Uniswap and PancakeSwap on June 7.

Competitor Analysis 

The competitor of the project is Audius (fully diluted market cap: $1,183,751,625).

Project #3: LosslessLossless

Lossless is the first-ever DeFi hack mitigation tool. Based on set fraud identification criteria, it freezes fraudulent transactions and returns the stolen funds back to the owner’s account. By doing this, Lossless aims to bring safety and assurance to the blockchain. Anyone can spot and report a hack and, in the process, earn from it.

  • They have started with the mechanisms that form the core part of the platform.
  • They are currently in the R&D stage, wherein they are testing and creating the system.
Roadmap Ahead 

Q2 of 2021

  • Establishing Lossless Committee, having the Lossless Solidity standard.
Q3 of 2021
  • Releasing Lossless hack monitoring toolkit, having Loss token governance, and launching the first version of the platform.

Q4 of 2021

  • Release of the Token relaunch toolkit for projects that have been in the market for some time now
  • The release of Lossless wrapped tokens, and support BSC and DOT as well.

The project has a super impressive roadmap ahead that roped it into our top crypto moonshots list.

Total Funds Raised: $2.245 million in private and $495,000 in the public sale.

Notable Investors
  • DAOMaker
  • Master Ventures
  • Magnus Capital
  • X21
  • CyberFi

Fully Diluted Valuation at TGE: $7,7M

Market Capitalization at TGE: $847,000

IDO Launchpad Platforms 

DAOMaker SHO and PAID Ignition IDO (together with IEOs on Kucoin BurningDrop and Startup Initial Offering)

DEX Listing 

On June 3, 2021, 11 AM UTC.

Competitor Analysis 

The project is strongly competing against Chainalysis.

Project #4: Trade Race ManagerTrade Race Manager

Trade Race Manager is a unique NFT trading game running on Polygon Network which connects gamers and traders. In this game, the user’s NFT car is reflecting his/her crypto portfolio. Users can participate in various paid or free races and win on the basis of cryptocurrency performance. IOI Corporation is behind the development of this game. They have also launched their IOI token, whose utility is to gain access to a farming pool and reward pool.

  • The first version of the game, called “IOI Game”, was built on the Tron Network and had a successful rating, according to DappRadar.
Roadmap Ahead 
     July 2021
  • Build on Polygon Network.
  • Free blockchain transaction for TRM.
  • Auction and charity.

August 2021

  • Update to TRM.
  • Binary option game.

End of 2021

  • Build on Polygon and Ethereum.
  • More NFTs.


  • The final edition of the game.

Total Funds Raised: $1.8M USD in all rounds (seed, private, public)

Notable Investors 
  • GBV Capital
  • Titan Ventures
  • Phoenix Crypto VC
  • Inclusion Capital

Fully Diluted Valuation at TGE: $20 million USD

Market Capitalization at TGE: $960,000 USD

IDO Launchpad Platforms 

IDO was performed via DAOMaker and Paid.

DEX /CEX Listing 

CEX and DEX listings happening in June.

Competitor Analysis 

The competitors of the project are:

Reef (fully diluted market cap: $524,766,502)
Aavegotchi (fully diluted market cap: $43,926,644)
Alien World (fully diluted market cap: $1,995,060,247)

Project #5: Formation FiFormation Fi

Formation Fi introduces risk-adjusted portfolio construction of decentralized open financial crypto assets, using the basic principles of the Risk Parity movement.

Through this movement or protocol, the same or better yield is produced with less risk. Formation Fi aims to take the DeFi space to the next level by making yield farming much more practical. Formation Fi resolves risk factors, to some extent, due to which they are exposed to hedge funds as well. Risk Parity Protocol will bring familiarity to regular hedge fund managers and that makes it an important project in our crypto moonshots list.

  • In Q2 of 2021, they have released their tokenomics and their whitepaper.
  • They have also launched their website (beta version).
  • They have conducted the security audit.
Roadmap Ahead 

    Q2 2021

  • ERC-20 token smart contract.
  • Index smart contract.
  • Token presales and strategic sales.
  • Formation community launch on Telegram and Twitter.

    Q3 2021
  • Token swap between networks.
  • ALPHA launch on ERC+BSC.
  • Liquidity generation event.
  • Governance development.
  • HECO Bridge development.
  • CEX Listing

    Q4 2021
  • Adding HECO to ALPHA.
  • BETA launch on ERC+BSC+HECO.
  • POLYGON bridge development.
  • CEX listing.

    Q1 2022
  • Adding POLYGON to ALPHA and BETA.
  • Moonbeam (MB) integration.
  • CEX listing.

    Q2 2022
  • Adding Moonbeam to ALPHA, BETA, and GAMMA
  • Bridge Development for a new chain
  • CEX Listing

Total Funds Raised: $3.6 million

Notable Investors 
  • Synthetix
  • Spark
  • Kosmos
  • AU21 Capital
  • Moonwhale
  • GD10 Ventures

Fully Diluted Valuation at TGE: $30 million

Market Capitalization at TGE: $667,000

IDO Launchpad Platforms

IDO is being performed on DAOMaker. The Merit round will happen on June 7, 2021.

Project #6: CannumoCrypto moonshots Cannumo

Cannumo allows people to easily participate in the ever-growing cannabis industry. It intends to do so with its three first-of-a-kind applications:

  • Cannumo GrowFunding
  • Cannumo CBD
  • Cannumo Wallet

Impressively, the Cannumo team has one of the best track records in Europe, where they have raised over $50 million for different projects. Cannumo is a first-in-the-world solution for the biggest existing problems in the cannabis industry. This is our first crypto moonshots project from this growing industry.


They have troubleshot the idea with over 100 of the best cannabis and cryptocurrency specialists in the world. People who made over $2 billion in revenue selling CBD products, who were responsible for legislating cannabis in different U.S. states, huge cannabis brand owners, etc.

Roadmap Ahead 

Q2 of 2021

  • Successful token generation event.
  • Acquiring premises, containers, and inventory.
  • Development starts for Cannumo CBD (Cannumo Business Dropshipping) and Cannumo Wallet.

Q3 of 2021 

  • Acquiring of licenses, premises installation.

Q4 of 2021

  • Build, develop, and launch operations for Cannumo CBD.

Total Funds Raised: Over $2M

Notable Investors 
  • BSC Pad
  • Sheesha Finance
  • Meridian Capital
  • Fairum Capital
  • DHC
  • Château Crypto
Notable Partners
  • Robert Salmon – $800M+ Fund Manager, Business Strategy Advisor
  • Leslie Andrachuk – Founder and CEO, Alpha Woman Co, Cannabis Rights Advisor
  • Chris Bochenski – Co-Founder & Partner at Cannabis Commerce Corporation. Cannabis Business Advisor
  • STEM CULTIVATION & GROWBOX CO – Growing Advisors

Fully Diluted Valuation at TGE: $30 million

Market Capitalization at TGE: $887,500

IDO Launchpad Platforms 

BSC Pad, KickPad, TrustPad, and MantraDAO

DEX/CEX Listing 

PancakeSwap and UniSwap

Competitor Analysis

To Wrap It Up

Interestingly, all the above crypto moonshot projects aim to solve real-world issues, and a lot of development activity seems to be taking place. Additionally, these projects have gained the attention of some leading investors in the crypto space. All these aspects, when taken into account together, strengthen our confidence into these being the next upcoming crypto moonshots.

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