Here are four minutes NFTs for the upcoming few weeks to keep your eyes on! These are early projects with little information so far. None have release dates, and only one has a price. The only way to make sure you get projects you love is to get on their white-list, and the only way to get on the white-list is to find them early.

Therefore, take a look at these Upcoming Mint White-Lists NFTs and try to get on the White List:

1. Angel Baby Hit Squad

Upcoming Mint Date: TBD
Mint Cost: 0.077ETH
Why: ETH chain with ADA utility

Did you know that “Angel Baby Hit Squad” was recently mentioned by Mark Cuban’s NFT page? This project attempts to bridge the gap between communities and chains. Also, holders of this ETH-based NFT will get ADA-based NFT airdrops. With no need to port your NFT to the ADA network, NFT holders will only need an ADA wallet to receive airdrops.

With a complete roadmap planned for 2022, and a new exciting take on utility, this is a project to watch in the next few weeks as they continue building their platform.
Rating: 6/10


Upcoming Mint Date: TBD
Mint Cost: TBD
Why:100% refund baked into contract up to 30 days after mint

Curious Addys are describing themselves as the Duolingo for crypto. They are the first educational NFT project with a 100% refund baked into the smart contract. This creates a risk-free mint and allows buyers to refund up to 30 days after purchase.

If that isn’t enough, famous NFT newsletter writer, Zeneca, was brought on as an Advisor. This respected personality in the NFT space brings instant credibility and value to the project.

Also, punk2476 is joining in advising the project. With 100k+ followers on Twitter, punk2476 brings an entire community to the Curious Addys ecosystem. Take a serious look at this project.

Rating 8.5/10

3. Interfaces

Upcoming Mint Date: TBD
Mint Cost: TBD
Why: Building a community the right way

Interfaces have built one of the most creative communities on Twitter, with more than 8,000 followers before launching the NFT platform. With an official Discord and website yet to be made, Interfaces has been focusing on this philosophy: “no roadmaps or promises, just vibes,” and the community seem to agree.

With 707 tweets in the weeks since inception, the team support tweets made by fans hourly. Giving white-list spots to fans who create cool projects has created a community constantly creating content for the project. This has turned into a very cool initiative and follow on Twitter.
Rating 7/10

4. IX Panthers

Upcoming Mint Date: TBD
Mint Cost: TBD
Why: Top secret with top partnerships

Another Zeneca-advised project, IX Panthers, is very early in development. They describe this drop as “not just another pfp collection; only the first piece of broader NFT project.” As a result, holders will receive:

  • Gamified mechanic revealed before the NFT mint.
  • Access to “The Secret Project,” the first offering of its kind on blockchain.
  • And more.

Not much information is out on this project yet, but the community behind it is growing fast. With 19.4k members in Discord with essentially no information out is promising. This project has already partnered with ARize to develop its AR and 3D assets.

Another project that may fall in the must-mint category in the futur is tou get on the white list so you don’t miss out!
Rating 8/10

We recommend you to join the discord accounts for these projects and follow them on Twitter. The best way to guarantee you get projects you love is to get on the white-list so don’t wait! Involve yourself in communities you like and you will start to see the benefits.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed the Upcoming Mint White-Lists NFTs of this article.

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