acrocalypse nft collection review

The NFT collection Acrocalypse features 10,420 pixelated, space-racing crocodiles that evolved into warriors. You can think of these NFTs as a PFP collection. But is that all the collection offers? Acrocalypse, a collection of pixilated crocodiles, is not just a PFP NFT but also a gateway passes into an intriguing toolkit with an interesting use case.

Let’s dive in and have a closer look at this NFT collection!

Source: Acrocalypse
What are Acrocalpse NFTs?

The public sale of Acrocalypse in December 2021 the collection had a mint price of 0.08 ETH per Croc. Acrocalypse is the ecosystem NFT for paperhands, a website that records your NFT transaction data. Besides, these pixelated Crocs are also a staking rewards multiplier for the $PAPER tokens.

Acrocalypse’s mission is to make croc holders’ NFT lives more convenient and profitable by offering them both beginner-friendly and sophisticated tooling.

There are 10,420 crocs available, of which 420 have been set aside by the team, some of which are for promotions and other activities in the future.

What are Acrocalpse NFTs?
Source: Acrocalypse

Acrocalypse PFPs are crocodiles decked out in a wide variety of space-themed uniforms, clothing, and accessories. The artist has rendered the Crocs in a pixelated style reminiscent of retro arcade games set in outer space.

The collection has 228 traits in 10 different categories. Of these, thirteen are Legendary. The NFT can have any of these thirteen or none. Below is a list along with their respective probabilities:

  1. Suit Up (0.01%)
  2. Driver (0.01%)
  3. Rainbow (0.01%)
  4. Rundown (0.01%)
  5. Online (0.01%)
  6. Monochrome (0.01%)
  7. Firing Off (0.01%)
  8. Ambush (0.01%)
  9. Invasion (0.01%)
  10. Focus Up (0.01%)
  11. Dune (0.01%)
  12. Trip (0.01%)
  13. Charging (0.01%)
  14. None (99.88%)

Other categories of traits are Background, Clothing, DNA, Drone, Eyes, Eyewear, Head, and Mouth. And as usual, the NFT price goes up when the trait count goes down.

Of the 10,420 Crocs, only 13 has just one trait count. Talk about rarity! And as you guessed, the prices for these are through the roof!

These Genesis crocs are at the top of the Acrocalypse ecosystem and will forever reign supreme. And hang on tight if you are holding any of these cold-blooded reptiles! Because they are the doorway to all perks that they offer.

You’ll need a Croc if you want to collect your $PAPER awards, use other features, and look fabulous on Twitter.

What Are the Utilities of Acrocalypse?

Paperhands and $PAPER are the two cornerstones of the collection. While $PAPER is the native token of Acrocalypse, paperhands is the toolkit that offers insightful features to the holders.

Together, Acrocalypse and the innovative paperhands project give users instant access to detailed information on the status of any project in which they have an investment.

What Are the Utilities of Acrocalypse?
Source: paperhands

Whenever you connect a wallet or enter an address, Paperhands keeps tabs on the following data:

  • Paperhands (Toilet Paper Emoji) –reveals how much ETH you would have made had you not sold your NFTs early.
  • Diamond Hands (Diamond Emoji) – shows the amount of ETH you have gained via holding onto NFTs and your most significant gain.
  • Gains (Rocket Emoji) –displays your cumulative ETH earnings and the most lucrative NFT.
What Are the Utilities of Acrocalypse?
Source: paperhands
$PAPER Token Use Cases

When it comes to the paperhands platform and Acrocalypse as a whole, $PAPER serves as the primary utility token. $PAPER is a ERC-20 token focuses on three crucial factors:

  1. Utility
  2. Scarcity
  3. Sustainability

The first claim and staking incentives of $PAPER were only available to those already participating in the paperhands ecosystem, rather than a public launch and causing massive initial sell pressure.

Source: paperhands

This long-term vision of the team is what made the $PAPER a success. And its actual value is driven by the utility the Acrocalypse provides.

Besides, there are different opportunities for deflationary mechanics; through the $PAPER marketplace, mints, and subscriptions. That said, the burn ratio will differ based on the use case.

The utility of $PAPER is offered in two distinct types: community and project.

  1. Community Utility
  • Monthly subscriptions for using services (for example, the Alpha platform’s monthly subscription fee is 1000 $PAPER per month). Partner communities have access to relevant resources (Pricing TBC on a case-by-case basis).
  • Non-croc holders and partner communities can pay a premium rate (3x – 3000 $ PAPER/month) to access the tools.
  • Enhanced Premium Functionality on the Alpha platform
  • Extra NFTs collections (e.g., Spacecraft)
  • Collaborative and Partner mints (e.g., Launchpad or partner projects)
  • Mini-games
  • P2E enhancements
  • Native Marketplace
  1. Projects
  • Ad fees to feature on the paperhands platform
  • Future tools for collections with monthly subscription fees

With all that said, Acrocalypse explicitly states that $PAPER holds no monetary value, and they will not provide a Liquidity Pool. The project will not endorse an LP even if the community decides to make one.

Acrocalypse Projects
Source: Acrocalypse Discord
$PAPER marketplace 

$PAPER marketplace allows you to buy WL spots to NFTs using $PAPER. You can:

  • Buy Whitelist Spots
  • Purchase NFTs
  • Redeem Digital Gift Cards
  • Order Mercs and Physicals
  • Exchange for exclusive releases/customizations
$PAPER marketplace 
Source: Acrocalypse

The marketplace offers several buying methods, including Auction, Buy Now, and Raffle Entries.

Ecosystem Development Fund

The primary goal of Ecosystem development funds is to expand the size of the ecosystem, which in turn generates the perks and utilities for Croc holders. Among the many potential future applications are the following:

  • Launchpads for $PAPER-related projects and integrations
  • Liquidity pool pairing for initiatives like a launchpad project using P2E
  • Utility expansion
  • Claims/Airdrops
  • Alternate Incentivized staking pools for initiatives like P2E mini-games
  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Collaborations and potential opportunities

Spacecraft are sub-NFTs of the Acrocalypse collection dropped on April 29 last year. Being the companion NFT, Spacecraft has the same number as the Acrocalypse collection, i.e., 10,420 NFTs.

Source: Acrocalypse

These space vessels are of four different types;

  1. UFO
  2. Destroyer
  3. Blast Bike
  4. Dropship

They have different variations and quantities.

Does Acrocalypse Offer Staking?

Acrocalypse is all about utilities and perks, so they have not shied away from offering staking services.

There are three spots in the Acrocalypse where your Crocs can harvest $PAPER; each level has varying rates and locking periods.

Does Acrocalypse Offer Staking?
Source: Acrocalypse

Desert Rose – offers the most convenient access to the local $PAPER harvest and necessitates a minimum seven-day stay from your crocodile. In exchange, stakers will receive the benefits listed below:

Desert Rose
Source: Acrocalypse
Desert Rose
Source: Acrocalypse

Cruzers Demise
Even though Cruzers Demise looks like a frozen wasteland at first glance, it actually contains a wealth of harvestable $PAPER. In exchange for 45 days of dedicated harvesting, stakers will receive the following benefits:

Cruzers Demise
Source: Acrocalypse
Cruzers Demise
Source: Acrocalypse

Picante Ruins
Picante Ruins are a post-apocalyptic ruin with a wealth of untapped $PAPER deposits. It takes 90 days of dedication from your crocodile, but the harvest is the most resourceful of any $PAPER harvest discovered. In exchange, holders will receive the highest possible rewards as per below:

Picante Ruins
Source: Acrocalypse

While there is currently no tangible benefit to collecting Crocs beyond the potential future value of your $PAPER staking rewards, the team has plans to provide those holders with multiple Crocs with access to exclusive privileges.

Does rarity matter when staking?

While the initial staking pool and claim will not be affected by rarity, those who hold rarer assets will enjoy additional benefits across the ecosystem. It can manifest in several ways, but here are a few:

  • PVP base abilities
  • Exclusive Raffle Entries
  • $PAPER Marketplace exclusives

As you can see, OG minters enjoy the most benefits in staking. But who are they?

To be considered for the OG Minter honors, you must have minted one of the first 420 Crocs. If you are one of these, you have my envy!

Meanwhile, the project built the staking pool to run for 730 days, and they will transfer the remaining tokens at the end to the Ecosystem Development fund. Before this staking period concludes, they could implement new staking pools or mechanisms.

On a side note, you can buy an Acrocalypse NFT on Opensea, Rarible and LooksRare.

  • SAM WITWICKY– Founder and brains behind
  • MAD MAX– a full stack developer and the creator of DIAMONDHANDS.EXPLORER.
  • PETER PARKER – a front-end developer and the newest addition to the team
  • NEO– a veteran pixel artist and a game designer.
  • BANKS:FaZe BANKS, the YouTube icon, is the official advisor.
Conclusion: The Future of Acrocalypse

To this end, the Acrocalypse team is developing an invasion-themed Play-to-Earn (P2E) game for NFT holders. The game will feature Acrocalypse NFTs and upcoming collections from the ecosystem.

This launch is one of the most anticipated events by the community. The collection will skyrocket in value, and we’ll see an influx of people once they launch the game.

They also have plans to build multiple casino-styled mini-games soon. Besides, the team will expand the lore and make it more engaging.

Other upcoming events in the roadmap include:

  • WL spots for partner collections
  • P2E Game
  • $PAPER Casino Minigames
  • Portfolio Management Tool 2.0 launch
  • Feed for NFT project activities and updates
  • Community Lore Expansion

Above all, how the project will manage to survive the apocalyptic crypto winter will demonstrate the robustness of the project. With all the promised updates and existing utilities, the future of Acrocalypse NFT is anything except apocalyptic!

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