What's the Hype Around Sneakerheads NFTs?

Meet Sneakerheads NFTs, an NFT collection built for sneaker enthusiasts by legendary sneaker artist Ali Dawood. 

A collection of 5,000 unique sneakerheads, the Sneakerheads NFT collection has recorded more than 3K in ETH volume since launch. What is the hype around this highly raved NFT collection that many have high expectations for?

Bullish Catalysts for the Project
  • The most important factor of all is definitely the man behind the project, Ali Dawood. Ali Dawood is a legendary 3D sneaker artist that has worked with many notable Web2 brands around the world. Sneakerheads NFTs truly reflect this passion and experience that the artist has.
  • An experienced team with decades of experience in entrepreneurship, music, and brand building
  • Strong community. With a strong figurehead, it is not surprising that fans of Ali all over the world are excited about the project. So far, Sneakerheads has garnered more than 285K followers on Twitter and more than 73K members on Discord. This is a testament to the strong brand and influence that the creator has within the global sneakers community.
What are the Utilities of Owning a Sneakerheads NFT?
  • Holders can stock their NFTs to accumulate rewards over time. Stocking for a longer period of time unlocks higher tiers of rewards. This comes in the form of limited edition airdrops, real life events, and branded merchandise to reward loyal holders.

  • Be part of a strong Web3 sneaker movement that has united a global community of sneaker enthusiasts.
  • Holders can commercialize their NFT. Although IP is not owned by the holder, holders can still apply for a commercial use license after agreeing to the relevant terms and conditions. Holders can understand more about their rights here.

Even though the collection, which was initially planned for a release of 10,000 NFTs, was reduced to 5,000, the collection did not disappoint. To date, it has more than 3K in ETH secondary volume. It also has more than 65% of Sneakerheads that are stocked. As of time of writing, the collection has also maintained a floor price of 0.31 ETH, which is above its mint price of 0.25 ETH.

Despite the bear market, the team continues to build. Holders can expect to receive more benefits in the future as they stock up their sneakers and experience the Web3 sneaker movement that has created waves across Twitter.

The collection seeks to bring real utility to the sneaker culture and, being the largest Web3 sneaker community, this might soon be one of the blue-chip NFT collections. Or is it already…

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