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LUNA and UST Crisis Explained

Terra LUNA and UST Crisis Explained

LUNA nosedived 100% down in the last 30 days. Let this sink in. Luna come down from an all-time high of $119 on April...
Resistant stablecoins

What Are The Most Resistant Stablecoins?

The importance of stablecoins to the entire crypto-sphere can not be over-emphasized. Stablecoin brings to life much-needed stability to the ever-volatile cryptocurrency ecosystem. Most stablecoins...
Top DeFi news april week 2

DeFi Updates | OpenBiSea Launch on Kava Network | April Week 2

The DeFi ecosystem is one of the most innovative aspects of the blockchain space. To keep our readers informed we have compiled some of...
Avalanche Receives Huge Boost From Terra

Avalanche Receives Huge Boost From Terra

Avalanche is one of the most outstanding blockchains. Nowadays, this scalable blockchain network is presently the 10th largest blockchain platform by a market cap...
Terra Luna projects

What is the influence of Bitcoin on Terra?

The prediction given in 2010 by the first recipient of a bitcoin transaction is coming true today. Find out how Terra helped make this...
CEX.IO Announces It Is Listing Terra (LUNA)

CEX.IO Announces It Is Listing Terra (LUNA)

Cryptocurrency exchange CEX.IO has announced that it has listed LUNA, the native token of Terra’s blockchain. A few days ago, one of the oldest crypto...
Terra Luna projects

Terra Accumulates More Bitcoin

Are Bitcoin and Ethereum enemies? And if so, does that extend to the ‘Ethereum killers’ too? Terra says no and puts their money where...
LUNA Price Prediction

Luna Foundation Guard will Burn 4 Million LUNA

The Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) has now voted to burn another massive amount of LUNA tokens from its fund, which will happen soon. The Luna...
5 altcoins to stake

Top 5 Altcoins for Staking

The market continues downward and remains completely unpredictable in the short term. Most of us have used up all our ‘dry powder’ to buy...
Terra ecosystem

The Secret Behind Terra’s Huge Ecosystem Increase

According to CoinGecko, $LUNA, the native token of Terra's blockchain, is in the Top 10 altcoins with the highest marketcap.  In the last 12...