bitcash partners with moneybyte

More strategic partnership rocks the crypto space. This time between decentralised crypto BitCash and blockchain solution MoneyByte.

MoneyByte is expected to provide mining materials to BitCash. Users will also be able to exchange their MoneyByte for BitCash mining rewards.

BitCash is the world’s first truly decentralized cryptocurrency designed to facilitate real-world trade between consumers and merchants with a goal of becoming the world’s most used cryptocurrency.

MoneyByte pride itself on being a top-notch blockchain solution, along with a suite of top-quality financial tools. This partnership is expected to radically improve users’ experience as well as operational efficiency. Not just for MoneyByte but for BitCash also.

The strategic partnership will also expose customers to the opportunity of earning BitCash tokens. This is because users will earn dividends by taking part in the BitCash Mining Pool. Users will also experience a new way to mine the crypto.

Details of The Rewards Event

First, to take part in the reward program, users need to own a BitCash wallet. This is because even though purchases are made in (MON) rewards will be paid in (BITC).

Users are advised to pay for more and more seats/shares every week. As the reward will be shared based on the number of seats purchased from the mining pool. It is, however, important to note that a user can purchase no more than 10 seats/shares every week.  And the cost of a seat is 20 $MON, making the maximum weekly investment possible for each user to be 200 $MON. Users can only reserve a seat for one week only. And seats/shares allocation will be on a first-come basis. 90 percent of the reward will be gotten from BitCash mined between Sunday 0:00 and Saturday 23:59 (GMT) every week.

Many strategic partnerships currently exist in the crypto space. A partnership designed to provide more services to users and further create awareness for the crypto industry. From the travel industry to facilitating seamless and cheap cross-border remittance services. One of such remarkable partnerships is that of RippleNet and MoneyGram.


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