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The Cardano Summit 2021 is currently taking place with lots of outstanding segments. Announcements are all over the place, and participants are greeted with a beautiful and personalized welcome note. Discover more about the Cardano-DISH Partnership. 

One of the most important announcements of this conference on the first day was the Cardano-DISH Partnership.

Firstly, the Cardano Summit 2021 started with a keynote speech was from Charles Hoskinson (CEO of IOHK), Jerry Fragiskatos (CCO of IOHK), Chris Ergen (Innovation head at DISH), and Stephen Stokols (Head of Boost Mobile).

The Cardano-DISH Partnership

Then, the segment commenced with announcing a strategic partnership between DISH, Boost Mobile, and Cardano. This fantastic partnership is one of its kind and will help to bring together the telecom industry and decentralized technology. Cardano, on the other hand, will enjoy more use cases and increasing global adoption.

Also, Charles Hoskinson described DISH as the rebels of the telecom space. Pointing out that they were always at the forefront of innovation and the complete revolutionizing of the industry.

In addition, Stephen Stokols pointed out that Telecom currently boasts of tens of millions of customers, and they are interested in innovating cost-effectively. He also added that this could be done by inaugurating an expanding ecosystem and loyalty programs for consumers.

On the other hand, Chris Ergen said that blockchains are useless without connectivity. He also added that DISH brings network connectivity to the platform while Cardano provides blockchain-based protocols.

You can see the entire announcement here:

More Details About the Partnership

DISH has always been at the forefront of innovation. It was one of the first companies to accept crypto as payment from as far back as 2014. Therefore, the Cardano-DISH partnership is also a result of an estimated 9-month onboarding process.

Also, another important announcement is the “proof of bandwidth” in the Cardano system that will be launched for this partnership.

On the other hand, the partnership will also ensure maximum flexibility, putting DISH in the ‘driver seat’ of innovation while determining what is best for the company, consumer, and growth. Building smart contracts will reduce paperwork, making smart contracts agreements much more reliable and easy.

It’s important to say that the partnership will also help improve identity security, safety, and privacy. Finally, DISH has plans to incorporate loyalty programs, therefore improving the value consumers get.

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