In a bid to provide clients with access to off-chain data proof-of-stake blockchain firm, Harmony (ONE) has announced the integration of Chainlink’s decentralized oracle on its network.

According to the announcement, Chainlink (LINK) adoption on Harmony Protocol would provide its clients with off-chain data resources via Chainlink decentralized oracles. As well as provide developers with price feeds and other off-chain data needed in their applications.

Notably, Harmony stated that the integration was essential as its currently paying more attention to DeFi applications and cross-border finance.

Additionally, the blockchain firm explained that it integrated Chainlink to felicitate several of its cross-border finance cases. According to Harmony, the use cases would need access to reliable and trustless price feeds of off-chain data, and that’s where Chainlink becomes relevant.

Integration to enable Harmony developers leverage on Chainlink’s oracles

Chainlink integration will enable Harmony developers to leverage on Chainlink’s 30+ decentralized price oracles.

Also, Harmony developers can write Chainlink’s external adapters to connect to any verified off-chain API. To acquire data from premium data providers, other blockchains, and more. Most importantly, developers can also incorporate Chainlink’s 30+ security reviewed oracles within a decentralized oracle.

Expressing his excitement with the integration Stephen Tse, Co-Founder, Harmony said, improving efficiency and decentralization is essential for the firm’s long-term success.

“This integration with Chainlink is important in our mission, and we’re so thrilled to witness developers display creativity to build DeFi and cross-border finance on Harmony with Chainlink,” he noted.

Notably, Harmony also announced a $7 million grant program for fintech applications that use Chainlink on the Harmony blockchain.

Harmony growth and partnership

Harmony is a fast and secure blockchain with key innovations in state sharding and peer-to-peer networking. The blockchain platform has recently partnered with several institutions. Embarking on a mission to promote blockchain adoption globally.

Recently the project disclosed the launch of its pre-staking epoch. According to a video by Harmony One, only 320 validator seats are available on the platform.

Also, Harmony Network celebrated one year of its IEO completion on the Binance Launchpad in May 2020. In commemoration of this, the network has decided to move onto another significant milestone, the open staking launch.

With this launch, Harmony has become the first public blockchain to achieve success while staking on a sharded network. Currently, there is a staking of 3.4 billion of its native cryptocurrency, ONE.

For more on Chainlink’s integration, check out AltcoinBuzz YouTube Channel.


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