Contentos and Chainlink partnership

Decentralized global content ecosystem Contentos has announced a partnership with popular decentralized oracle network Chainlink.

The partnership will provide Contentos blockchain platform with top-notch data. As well as open it to the immense benefits of secure and reliable Oracle data available on Chainlink. Further providing Contentos with the leverage to produce next-generation content for the advertising industry.

Chainlink will provide the publicity platform with performance metrics from several sources on its platform. All of which will be stored as trustless and secured records on the Contentos blockchain. To make the platform even more accurate, data collected can be compared to previous data. Data derived in such a way will accurately estimate important metrics. Such as advance payments to content creators, tokenized investment, creating in-depth understandings of the content industry as a whole, amongst others.

Chainlink provides access to real-world data

Contentos currently boasts of global relevance. The blockchain platform is arguably the most utilized public decentralized tech platform in the world today. Especially for creating digital content. It functions by enabling content creators to earn by monetizing their content. Content creators receive earnings via Contentos native token, COS. Users can also support their favorite creators and content using the platform.

Contentos also has a video content platform known as COS.TV. And also boasts of a photo editing app called PhotoGrid. Both features are built on its blockchain. The editing app currently has over 10 million downloads globally.

Its partnership with Chainlink will provide the leverage the platform needs to metamorph into a content platform. With Chainlink the platform will have direct access to already existing content platforms like YouTube, Twitter amongst others. Chainlink’s oracle will serve as a link between the real world and the blockchain.

The public blockchain platform further revealed that its choice of integrating Chainlink oracle data was the result of well-grounded research. Adding that “Chainlink as by far the best oracle solution in the market across all important criteria.[…] it allows us to create an oracle mechanism that’s as secure and reliable as the Contentos blockchain”.

Contentos will have access to data from countless sources. Using Chainlink’s multiple independent, Sybil resistant, and secured oracles. Ensuring that only accurate data finds its way to the public blockchain platform.

Chainlink giving the advertising industry a new look.

With Chainlink’s data, Contentos will provide a credible content valuation system for the advertising industry. Working as a central control unit, it will record the performance of content creators across several platforms, comparing them to previously existing ones. With these records advertising agencies will be able to accurately deduce the worth of content creators.

All of these will, however, be impossible without Chainlink decentralized oracle data network.

Speaking on the partnership, Mick Tsai, Founder and CEO of Contentos disclosed that the entire Contentos team was pleased with the integration. Adding that, “Contentos will obtain a much wider and detailed perspective on content influence by using Chainlink’s world-class oracle network to source data securely from all the major content platforms and to write it into the Contentos blockchain”.

Chainlink has been in the limelight in recent times for all the right reasons. Its oracle solution is currently in use by Kava, Chiliz, Solana, Celsius, Loopring, Icon, Swipe and more.


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