Crypto Booking Platform Partners With Fantom

More awareness and subsequent adoption await for Fantom (FTM) tokens as the protocol partners with users will now be able to pay for bookings with Fantom tokens. This partnership creates more use cases, awareness, and adoption for the aBFT consensus protocol.

According to an official blog post, the travel company currently boasts of more than three million travel products all over the globe. This includes home rentals, hotels, tours, flights, tours, and several other activities. The layer-1 blockchain platform’s native tokens (FTM) will be joining several other cryptocurrencies on the platform. Prior to the partnership, top cryptocurriencies like BTC, ETH, and native token AVA were already in use on the platform. The addition of Fantom (FTM) will provide users with more crypto payment options. The partnership also brings one step closer to achieving its vision of creating more value.

More on the partnership

Fantom believes that the blockchain and crypto sphere hold huge untapped potential. It plans to harness this potential by using new and innovative technological applications.

Henceforth, Fantom will make use of “’s business account services for internal company travel requirements.” FTM holders will also enjoy cheaper travel and hotel booking services. Users will enjoy up to a 40% discount on travel and hotel booking services. They will also have access to over 600 airlines worldwide, as well as car rental services in the near future.

Speaking on the announcement, Fantom founder Michael Kong revealed that he was pleased by the partnership. He added that the partnership will “increase the real-world utility of FTM.” He also pointed out that the partnership will help lower dependence on conventional payment rails. CEO Juan Otero confirmed this announcement via Twitter.

He disclosed that his team looks forward to “champion the growth of the crypto community and to bring a great new use case to Fantom.” According to the blog post, a giveaway for bookings paid with FTM tokens is brewing.

About and Fantom

Launched in 2017, is currently the world’s largest crypto-friendly travel booking service. Backed by Binance, is one of the few companies creating use cases for cryptocurrencies. Its native token (AVA) is used as bonuses, discounts, payments, loyalty rewards, etc. The travel booking platform also recently partnered with ARK.

Fantom, on the other hand, is a layer-1 platform launched on the aBFT consensus protocol. It boasts of being fast, secure, scalable, etc. Its low transaction cost is a major attraction point and a real resource when creating real use cases. Fantom is currently employed in Afghanistan to help wage war against fake drugs in the country.

FTM price is current $0.02524961 with a 24-hour trading volume of $10,399,203. As for AVA price, it is currently trading at $0.522439 with a 24-hour trading volume of $703,010.

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