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The partnership is to enable customers to make payments for wine and other beverages using cryptocurrency payments. Later this month, Nayuta will work alongside Awabar Fukouka to carry out trials on the Lightning Network powered payment system. The trials are being referred to as “field testing.”

The lightning network has been progressing lately with high adoption rate in the last few months. It is currently seen as the best way to scale the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain.

Developers Warn Users to be Cautious on The Platform

Developers of Bitcoin alongside other crypto organizations like Casa have sounded a note of warning to users. Their warnings are based on the fact that the Lightning Network is still in its experimental stages and so is still very risky. Nayuta’s team is looking into how the second-layer crypto payment channel works in real life. The developers at Nayuta intend to conduct research which would allow them to determine what improvements can be made to the LN protocol.

In a statement, owners of the bar, in a bid to increase awareness of the partnership, stated, “We hope it helps familiarize the community with the Lightning Network payment system”.

Software developers released a video that shows how the app performs its transactions. Nayuta’s team consists of members well-known for creating specifications for the Lightning Network. The blockchain startup firm recently released its own version of the LN protocol. This version will be used for the internet of things (IoT)-based applications and devices.

This new partnership isn’t the first of its kind. Several other companies and organization are creating solutions using the Lightning Network. On May 31, 2019, Bitfinex announced it is looking to Launch its own LN-Powered USDT stablecoin.


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