KardiaChain and ShareRing in Strategic Partnership

KardiaChain recently announced its strategic partnership with ShareRing to promote the mass adoption of blockchain technology to the general public.

With this partnership between KardiaChain and ShareRing, non-crypto users can be onboarded and interoperability will be promoted in the crypto space.

ShareRing To Integrate KAI Token

ShareRing will integrate the KAI token as the launch of the ShareRing app is around the corner. This will bring up a new range of utility to the KAI token through the ShareRing partner products. Such utilities also include e-commerce, local delivery services, passport apps, travel services, e-visas, healthcare, passport apps, car rentals, payments/foreign exchange apps, insurance, and others.

ShareRing CEO Tim Bos notes, “We are truly looking forward to this collaboration with an excellent team aligned with our goals. Seeing their use cases have huge potential to be widely adopted, at ShareRing we connect industries together, and KardiaChain is well-positioned to do so with their interoperability strategy and business know-how in the growing SouthEast Asian market.”

KAI will also be integrated into the app wallet in the ShareRing ecosystem. In this way, KAI will be accepted as payment for services rendered on the ShareRing network. Additionally, KAI will also be a medium of payment for partners across many industries that are connected with ShareRing. In the future, ShareRing may also add KAI’s services or dApps to its app as well.

KardiaChain To Integrate ShareRing’s Features Into the KardiaChain Ecosystem

KardiaChain will also integrate ShareRing’s passport and travel features into its ecosystem. These features will be integrated through the KAI membership app. The integration will be made with KAI master wallet, payment gateway, top-up service, and Mai Linh taxi service.

KardiaChain CEO Tri Pham says, “We are lucky and predestined to meet ShareRing team by asking for some references and insights, also through a strong recommendation from ShareRing and KardiaChain’s trusted mutual partners; both companies met for exploratory talks in mid-December. ShareRing is a talented team that is always aiming for the best blockchain value in real life. We appreciate their vision and are willing to be companions in this regard.”

Besides, KardiaChain and ShareRing hope to explore further opportunities in their strategic partnership. Such opportunities include those related to the interoperability of tech products and the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) markets. Both organizations also plan to continue promoting the mass adoption of blockchain technology as well as their respective ecosystems. They also aim at the establishment of a seamless blockchain user experience.

Before now, KardiaChain announced a partnership with popular price oracle network Chainlink. With this integration, dApp developers on KardiaChain received easy and unlimited access to quality oracle solutions.

ShareRing (SHR) Price

As of the time of writing, ShareToken (SHR, the native token of ShareRing) price was $0.01438336 with a 24-hour trading volume of $474,713. SHR price also went down by 7.6% over the last 24 hours. Besides, it has a circulating supply of 2.4 billion SHR coins and a max supply of 4.39 billion. Uniswap (v2) is also the current most active market trading SHR.

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