In a recent press release, Qlink, the world’s first decentralized mobile network, has announced a partnership with Binance to incorporate BNB into the Qlink dApp.

In January Qlink debuted with its first dApp featuring mobile network sharing such as Wallet functionalities and WiFi. Qlink has announced that the dApp will support BNB as a utility token. The dApp will be available on Google play in April.

“Qlink has a strong developer team and solid applications. The use case of secure network sharing has visible demand in the market, especially for users who pay more attention to information security and recognize the value of decentralization technology. Qlink is an ideal partner to further proliferate BNB utilization.” Said Changpeng Zhao, Founder and CEO of Binance.

The BNB token will be incorporated into Qlink’s ecosystem in multiple ways. First and foremost, Qlink’s in-app wallet will support BNB and allow users to hold BNB. Secondly, Qlink is adding trading pairs of BNB/QLC allowing users to directly purchase QLC using BNB. Thirdly, the dApp will support BNB as a game token for WiFi ownership cybersquatting within the dApp, allowing users to purchase the ownership of registered WiFi or VPN asset at a higher value in QLC or BNB.

“We are very excited about the partnership. Joining hands with Binance, we will provide cryptocurrency holders and traders the most secure and convenient network usage experience. There are increasingly more use case scenarios to be added on the dApp to enrich the industry.” Said Susan Zhou, COO and Co-founder of Qlink.

This partnership adds new use cases to the BNB ecosystem and could increase BNB adoption.

Learn more about Qlink below.


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