SubQuery is really busy these days. Their Web3 tools to query and organize blockchain data are adding another network. This time it’s Cosmos.

SubQuery is already in use to organize data on:

  • Polkadot and its Substrate SDK for parachains
  • Avalanche
  • and Terra

Now, they have a new integration. It’s their first on the Cosmos Network. This integration is with cross-chain smart contract platform Juno.

This is a pretty big deal for a couple of reasons.
1. Cosmos is the biggest, and right now the most successful interoperability chain. When you have BNB, Cronos, Secret, Kava, and more, it’s hard to think of a more successful place to build a blockchain ecosystem.
2. With this Juno integration, eventually the entire Cosmos system and its Cosmwasm basis for smart contracts will be able to use SubQuery too.

Jake Hartnell, a core Juno contributor, commented “We were elated to learn that SubQuery is expanding their invaluable data indexing services over to Juno. Our shared mission is to provide new teams with an environment to scale without hindrance and we know that SubQuery saves developers time and effort, allowing them to accelerate even faster.”

Blockchain Data Query

As Web3 tools go, this is an area we are bullish on more than most. The idea of fast, simple APIs to query data is great for developers. Developers can work on their product instead of having to index their data themselves. SubQuery’s service can handle 400 million requests per day. To help SubQuery grow, they have an excellent Grant program to give some aid to those wanting to build apps in Polkadot.

Sam Zou, the Founder and CEO of SubQuery, told us, “SubQuery is a fundamental piece of web3 infrastructure and we are delighted to support the explosive growth occurring in Cosmos and its native layers. We can’t wait to see how teams in the Juno ecosystem leverage SubQuery’s leading-edge indexing technology to build fast and feature-rich dApps.”

There’s already a $1 billion project in this part of Web3: The Graph. And we see no reason why there won’t be many winners, not just one. SubQuery is positioning itself to be one of those winners.

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