Swiss Exchange SIX

Switzerland based SIX has partnered Omniex, a San-Francisco based financial technology firm which provides an institutional investment and trading platform for digital assets and cryptocurrencies. 

This news was announced by the Swiss exchange on Tuesday, February 25. The partnership is aimed at providing stock and crypto firms access to digital exchanges. As part of the partnership, SIX invested an undisclosed amount in the crypto-firm, making them a shareholder.

Also, SIX is yet to launch the digital exchange and assets that would be listed on the SDX platform. This would invariably also affect the partnership between both parties.

However, both firms are expected to benefit from the partnership by leveraging each others extensive experience in the crypto space.

Partnership, answer to clients crypto demands

According to Thomas Zeeb, Head Securities & Exchanges, member of the Executive Board at SIX, the exchange had identified the continuous need to break into the crypto market.

Zeeb said that with the SIX-Omniex partnership, a trusted financial gateway platform would be put in place where clients can explore favorable crypto investment opportunities.

Hu Liang, Omniex Co-Founder & CEO, believes that the collaboration will birth an end-to-end solution for trading and settling cryptos. Likewise, the SIX digital exchange (SDX) whenever the product launch.

Liang further lauded Switzerland’s permissive regulatory apparatus around cryptos. Claiming that the country crypto market is at the forefront of major financial markets in adopting legislation and regulations.

Swiss Exchange to launch SDX platform

Swiss exchange giant, SIX Group has announced that the digital exchange platform will be launched in July 2020. The firm said it is set to launch platform as a fully integrated trading, settlement, custody infrastructure for cryptocurrencies to be controlled by Switzerland regulators.

Last year, the swiss exchange firm used an SDX prototype to exhibit settlement, with blockchain technology, security token issuance, and live trading.

The firm intends to conduct an initial digital offering for SDX before the eventual launch eventually in Q4 2020.

Reportedly, the product has drawn media attention and attracted investors because of its unique features. And the fact that swiss regulators will be in charge and also monitor it.


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