Terra Virtua Polkamarkets Partner to Gamify NFTs

Terra Virtua, the subscription-based platform for Virtual and Augmented Reality (AR/VR) industry announced its partnership with Polkamarkets. Previously, Terra Virtua partnered with some of the biggest entertainment players like Paramount, Legendary Entertainment, and Netflix. With this collaboration, Terra Virtua will gamify Polkamarkets prediction markets with NFTs. Effectively, both projects will be able to offer unique incentives to the users. By leveraging Terra Virtua’s technology, Polkamarket will become capable of offering NFT rewards more efficiently.

Basically, Polkamarkets is a DeFi-driven prediction market. It regularly conducts trading events where users can participate in real-world Polkadot events. Furthermore, Polkamarkets aims to deliver entertaining and gamified experiences for prediction markets. Moreover, to achieve this, it now plans to leverage the power of NFTs. According to Ricardo Marques, CEO and Co-Founder of Polkamarkets, Terra Virtua technology will help offer platform users access to branded and official NFTs from global brands.

The partnership announcement with Polkamarkets seems to be working its magic already. That’s because TVK, the native Terra Virtua token touch a new all-time-high today.

Exciting use-cases of NFTs on Polkamarkets
  • Badges and Avatars: The top forecasters on the Polkamarkets can show off their NFTs in the marketplace and brag about it.
  • Prizes for featured markets: By participating in event resolution on special and featured markets, the Polkamarkets can earn NFTs.
  • NFTs for access: The market and special online participants will need NFT passes.
  • Exclusive and official NFT merchandise and collectibles: Terra Virtua’s partnership with big entertainment players will provide NFTs from major sports, Esports leagues, and global brands in Polkamarkets.
At the edge of adoption

According to multi-asset investment fund Woodstock, Terra Virtua is at the edge of the J curve adoption. This seems to be primarily driven by Terra Virtua’s partnerships with global entertainment players. At the time of press, TVK, the Terra Virtua native token is trading close to $.502. Moreover, in the last 30 days, the token price has soared over 376% and might take an even major leap soon. That’s because the project is bringing to life a thrilling and exclusive NFT collection of blockbuster Godzilla vs KingKong on 31st March.

While TVK was already listed on Uniswap, Polkamarkets native token POLK will list on Uniswap today at 3 PM UTC.

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