The EOS Community is acting fast. We didn’t know when we published just a few days ago about the fight over EOS that the next chapter would begin so soon.

But that’s exactly what’s happened.

Yves La Rose gave a fiery speech accusing Block.one of being the main reason EOS is a failure. La Rose said he wants to put the EOS community back in control.

In a press release just this morning, La Rose is getting some of what he asked for. The EOS Network Foundation that La Rose runs is not getting anything, but ally and integral part of EOS’ founding, Brock Pierce is.

Block.one is giving 45 million tokens at a market value of $209 million to Brock Pierce’s investment fund Helios. Block.one are the developers of the EOSIO software that EOS uses. Its quality and potential were the one thing everyone was able to agree on about EOS. In the release, Block.one says that they have ‘consciously avoided serving as a centralizing force for any public implementation of EOSIO software’.

And if you ask La Rose, he would agree and say not only did they not serve, they wouldn’t let anyone else work in service of the software and ecosystem either.

Block.one, who still owns a lot of EOS, hopes Pierce and his Helios fund will:

  • create an EOS-specific VC fund
  • help create financial products with EOS for institutions
  • improve infrastructure and documentation for developers
  • and organize EOS community events to help increase adoption and find more use cases

Pierce expects Helios and the EOS Network Foundation to work closely together to bring more community-based solutions to EOS.

So far in the battle, La Rose, Pierce and the community are winning. And honestly, with their existing holdings, this is a win for Block.one too. Just a win without further control.

Before this move, Block.one owned 10% of EOS or 97 million tokens. Now they will own close to 6%.

EOS Price Activity

EOS currently trades at $4.68 up 4.5% in the last 24 hours, according to CoinGecko. It has a circulating supply of 972 million coins and a market value of $4.5 billion.

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