Thrilling Life-sized Godzilla Vs King Kong NFTs Coming to Terra Virtua
Updated: 24 February 2021

Terra Virtua will roll out the Godzilla Vs Kong NFTs in their marketplace on 31 March 2021. This is timed to the film’s release. 

Terra Virtua, the first fully immersive digital collectibles ecosystem project announced the upcoming release of Godzilla and Kong NFTs. According to the Twitter teaser, the platform has recently acquired the intellectual property (IP) rights of Godzilla vs Kong from Legendary Entertainment. Very soon, the life-sized NFTs of the legendary movie will come to life in Terra Dome. It is a virtual space by Terra Virtua that allows the collectors to place life-sized models of the IPs.

In 2019, Terra Virtua solidified some licensing deals with Paramount Pictures and Legendary Entertainment. As a result, the leading production houses licensed their top brands The Godfather (Paramount) and Lost in Space (Legendary Entertainment) to the platform. In 2020, lots of development activities and partnerships took place for the project. As for 2021, the team has an exhaustive list of things planned. We will dive deep into that, but before that let’s understand what Terra Virtua is all about.

According to Garg Bracey, Co-Founder of Terra Virtua, “This franchise is one of the most recognizable brands in the world; these characters have been on our screens for over 88 years; so to say we’re excited about bringing this film pairing on board would be an understatement! And, what’s more exciting is that we’re also releasing a full VR experience on Oculus Quest, so when we say we’re fully immersive, we really mean it!’

What is Tera Virtua?

The popularity of digital collectibles like NFTs is at its all-time high. While blockchain-based collectible projects are helping with the scarcity and provenance of rare assets, these projects are not very user friendly. This is the pain point that Terra Virtua is trying to fix.

The platform brings its user a digital collectible platform powered by blockchain. The users can experience their items in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) without any blockchain knowledge.

To start using Terra Virtua for collecting digital collectible, one needs to set up a profile and create an Ethereum account with a private key. Creating an Ethereum account is optional. On the inventory page, the user can check out all the digital assets, their characteristics, and the 3D avatars of their digital assets.

In addition to Ethereum, the platform also supports payments using credit or debit cards. The payment via fiat is pretty seamless. Furthermore, the platform also comes with a Marketplace where users can find an avatar that suits them. The users can buy the avatar via a very simple checkout process. Once the payment is processed, the avatar immediately reflects in the inventory of the user.

Moreover, users can auction their avatars in the marketplace. The Terra Virtua mobile app is also available on Google Play. All in all, the platform has revolutionized the digital collection realm with digital cribs like Fancave, Terra Art Gallery, and Terra Dome. Both Fancave and Terra Dome bring users’ digital assets to life in a unique and immersive manner.


How does 2021 look like for Terra Virtua?

Terra Virtua started 2021 with a big bang. Bringing Godzilla vs Kong NFTs, the biggest blockbuster of 2021 is a major win. Furthermore, the team plans to grow its current marketplace and metaverse. According to the official blog, these upgrades will further enhance the immersive and interactive experience of the users.

Furthermore, the platform has some of the biggest licenses lined up. Interestingly, these include genres beyond movies like TV, Sports, Games, Music, and Art. Along with that, the project is coming with an innovative and disruptive NFT strategy that will push the digital collectible sector closer to the entire world.

2020 and some big partnerships

2020 was not an easy year for anyone. However, the Terra Virtua team kept on working hard and by the end of October, they had delivered on all the promises they made to the community.

In May 2020, the platform launched a new set of NFTs from The Godfather from Paramount Pictures.

In December 2020, they partnered with Utrust, the leading payment facilitator in the blockchain space. With this partnership, the Terra Virtua users will be able to use most currencies, fiat, and crypto to purchase, trade, and gift digital collectibles with ease.
Towards the end of December 2020, the platform strategically partnered with IGGalaxy. Basically, IGGalaxy is a new social competitive gaming and esports platform with over 140k registered users. It hosts almost 600 tournaments over 10 esport titles.

Furthermore, in early 2021, Terra Virtua partnered with Elrond, the internet-scale blockchain. According to the official blog, Elrond allows the moving of NFTs between different chains and that is what attracted the platform to Elrond.

Another major partnership was announced with Phantasma. This will allow artists to self-mint their NFTs in a seamless manner.

Terra Virtua staking, NFT airdrops, and the DeFi world

In 2020, Terra Virtua launched TVK, the native token to its community. The project introduced TVK staking and made it exclusively available to Bitmax, their CEX partner. Furthermore, the staking comes with daily reward distribution and unbinding period of 14 days. Based on the staked tokens following APR can be earned.

  • Less than 10M being staked: 36%
  • Less than 20M being staked: 18%
  • Over 20M: 9% or lower
NFT airdrops

The Bitmax x Terra Virtua staking opportunity also entitles the users to win exciting NFTs. The users can hold them or trade them in Terra Virtua.

DeFi in 2021

In early 2021, Terra Virtua is planning to launch its first DeFi products.

TVK token

With the recent upgrades planned for the market place and the metaverse, the TVK tokens will provide enhanced benefits to the investors and owners. After the Godzilla vs Kong NFT announcements, the community excitement was pretty high and the TVK token touched its all-time high of $0.131490.


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