TomoChain Partners FLETA Blockchain

TomoChain has moved to partner with FLETA blockchain and this collaboration will grant FLETA token holders access to the TomoChain blockchain ecosystem.

The announcement appeared on both TomoChain and FLETA platforms.

Features of the alliance

According to the announcement by TomoChain, FLETA is presently in the process of developing an automated gateway solution. This solution will facilitate the use of the TomoZ zero friction protocol. Besides, it will serve as a means to lock native FLETA tokens and also issuing them on the TomoChain blockchain.

The collaboration will also result in FLETA token holders to enjoy easy access to TomoChain’s existing features. Additionally, users will have the opportunity to use FLETA coins more diversely.

Incidentally, FLETA blockchain till now was using Ethereum (ETH) as transaction fees. But as a result of this partnership, when operating within the TomoChain network, FLETA TRC-21 can itself be a mode of payment. Therefore, users would no longer need to have TOMO or ETH to pay the fees.

Besides promoting convenience and autonomy in the transactions, FLETA also announced trying out FLETA TRC-21 on TomoX, a DEX platform set to launch in the second quarter of 2020.

Expansion opportunities

Currently, FLETA has been busy with developing blockchain solutions for other projects. It is also in the process of expanding its DApp ecosystem to enable their token holders to enjoy unique trading features.

Apart from this, FLETA is also associated with the South Korean government on blockchain-based initiatives. These include the development of private blockchain solutions and on-chain clinical trial data tools.

As a result of the partnership, FLETA expects a global expansion of its market as it becomes a representative in the Asian blockchain project. It would also drive TomoChain’s vision to expand into the South Korean ecosystems.

According to FLETA CEO & co-founder, Henry Hong, this partnership could become an effective use case of blockchain technology as FLETA token holders get to enjoy the privilege to access into TomoChain ecosystem.

Moreover, the joint synergies of the two technologies would likely enlarge their respective ecosystems. It would also work towards achieving a common goal of commercialization of blockchain.

To remind, TomoChain recently introduced its high-performance and anonymous transfer protocol, TomoP to the community. Lasy year, they had partnered with NEO, in a similar bid to strengthen their crypto ecosystem.


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