Uniqly Accelerator Is Live

IDOs and the general fundraising process in the crypto space are set to become more trustworthy due to the recently launched Uniqly Accelerator platform.

The Uniqly Accelerator platform will make it possible for trusted partners on Uniqly to launch tokens in the form of an IDO. For the uninformed, Uniqly is well-known as the first-ever NFT marketplace to facilitate the real-world materialization of NFTs.

The NFT marketplace platform furthermore confirmed the launch of the Uniqly Accelerator platform on Twitter. Also, it was noted that the recently launched Accelerator has also added support for its first project – Fanadise.

More Details on Uniqly Accelerator

Speaking on the launch, Uniqly reiterated its focus on bringing together important projects and investors. Hence its launch of Uniqly Accelerator. The Accelerator platform will also provide trusted projects with a reliable way to raise funds. This will be done by launching tokens in the form of an IDO event.

In 2017, ICOs were a thing. However, by 2019, several of the coins turned out to be scam projects, while about half of all ICO projects launched in 2017 failed to raise a single dollar. With IDOs now gaining precedence, scam projects are also becoming more prevalent. Uniqly, via its Accelerator platform, will act as a trusted party helping to authenticate projects launched. In return, Uniqly will enjoy benefits, such as better marketing strategies, new partnerships, and more.

Fanadise – The Influencer NFT Platform

In line with its launch, Uniqly Accelerator has announced its very first project – Fanadise. Fandise boasts of bringing together fans using NFTs. The platform is also known for its partnership with top influencers in the mainstream world. Thanks to the partnership, influencers on Fanadise will be able to launch unique NFT-video content. Uniqly, on the other hand, will share Fanadise’s influencer base.

The Fanadise and Uniqly Accelerator partnership, in simple terms, will propel marketing efforts to new heights.

The Fanadise public sale took place on May 27, 2021, at exactly 15:30 CET. Minimum and maximum allocation were set at 0.2 and 0.8 ETH, respectively. The token will finally be distributed this July.

UNIQ Price

At the time of publication, UNIQ was trading at $1.48, with a market cap of $3,767,002 and a 24-hour trading volume of $352,533.

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