Wirex non-custodial wallet

Non-custodial wallets are the ideal tool to manage your cryptocurrencies and NFTs, as they provide security and anonymity to anyone in the world. However, many do not have a good UX design or support multi-chain transactions, among other essential features.

To close that gap, Wirex has developed a secure, cross-chain, and non-custodial wallet where users will be able to trade their crypto assets most efficiently and safely.

More About Wirex’s Non-Custodial Wallet

Wirex’s major purpose with their non-custodial wallet is to provide crypto users with access, flexibility, and control over their crypto assets most securely and cheaply, being able to store or move their tokens to several dApps and blockchains.

Therefore, Wirex has developed a non-custodial wallet that has the following features:

1. Security: Users don’t need a phrase key to enter the wallet because Wirex uses biometric standards distributed by the multi-party computation (MPC). Also, thanks to an advanced SMPC encryption mechanism that avoids fraud by removing the single point of failure.

2. Earn Crypto: Wirex’s users will be able to access up to 25% APY interest from DeFi platforms like AAVE and Compound directly from the wallet.

3. Cross-Chain Swap: In the non-custodial wallet, users can easily swap DeFi tokens across different blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, among others.

4. Manage your Crypto: Users can easily take 100% control of their digital assets by storing, sending or receiving a wide range of coins and ERC20 tokens to external wallets or dApps.

5. Access to dApps and NFTs: The Wirex’s non-custodial wallet can connect to many DeFi dApps very easily via Wallet Connect. Therefore, users can explore NFTs or move their DeFi tokens with the highest security standards.

Moreover, if you want to download Wirex’s non-custodial wallet, stay tuned to Wirex’s social media accounts.


non-custodial wallet wirex

Source: Wirex

Get into the Metaverse with the Wirex’s Non-Custodial Wallet  

In recent weeks, the metaverse sector has been one of the most influential in the entire ecosystem. As a result, significant companies have already started the race to develop their metaverse.

This implies that little by little, services from different sectors will be added to this new digital world. Therefore, Wirex has taken the lead in the financial industry by redesigning its services to be adopted on a large scale in the metaverse. Finally, to accomplish this important milestone, they have developed:

  • Whitepaper.
  • Wirex’s token,WTX.
  • X-tras 2.0.

As a result, to link these improvements, Wirex developed its non-custodial wallet.

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