ApeBond: new era in DeFi and community unity

ApeBond is a new and improved version of ApeSwap, the popular decentralized exchange (DEX).

This upgrade is more than a redesign. This is a big step towards building a better decentralized finance (DeFi) world. Let’s discover more about ApeBond.

The Revolutionary Upgrade of ApeSwap to ApeBond

ApeBond is about bringing the community together and driving innovation. The big change is the introduction of the ABOND token, which replaces the old BANANA and GNANA tokens. This new token offers great upgrades. For example improved token economics, more user control, and special perks within the ApeBond platform.

ApeBond also features Financial bonds that merge traditional finance, DeFi, and NFTs. These type of bonds helps you earn rewards and gain cheaper tokens while still maintaining the circulation of funds in the system. Furthermore, ApeBond has added a Launchpad feature that allows users to take part in it using the veABOND tokens.

This will encourage long-term holdings and investing thus making the token ecosystem stronger.

New ApeBond features

Let’s now move to other features that ApeBond has in its toolbox:

  • Wallets: Connect crypto wallets such as MetaMask to access all ApeBond features. It works on popular chains like BNB Chain and Polygon.
  • Bonds: There are different types of bonds available. Users can get them with a discount by buying tokens for a long-term period. Also, users can earn, or swap these bonds in the platform.
  • Launchpad: This feature focuses on bringing top DeFi projects. This will boost the value of the ABOND token by bringing new opportunities for users.
  • Swap: Users can exchange tokens between blockchains with one step.
  • Earn: To earn tokens, users need to stake them in the pool or by providing liquidity.
  • Liquidity Health: ApeBond is making sure there are always enough funds.
  • ⁠Zap: Users can convert tokens and buy bonds with one click using this tool.

More About ApeBond

The $ABOND token is your pass to all special features, connecting you to the system. There are exclusive benefits: Special bonds or pre-purchase bonds. Here are some ways to get these bonds:

  • Swap on BNB chain: Users can buy ABOND tokens via the BNB chain.
  • Migration Bond: Users can convert BANANA/GNANA tokens to ABOND tokens via the migration Bond.
  • CEX Fund Bond: Through the CEX Fund Bond, users can pre-purchase ABOND tokens at a discounted price.
  • Ecosystem Bonds: ABOND provides access to special ecosystem bonds. This will provide unique opportunities within ApeBond.
  • veABOND: Users can earn veABOND tokens by locking ABOND tokens. With longer locking periods, users will have more veABOND tokens as rewards. Also, users can access other exclusive features by unlocking the veABONDS tokens.

Token Contracts & Socials

ApeBond currently works with 5 blockchains. BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, inEVM and Ethereum. If you want to verify it, here are the addresses of some of their smart contracts.

  • BNB Chain: 0x34294AfABCbaFfc616ac6614F6d2e17260b78BEd.
  • Polygon: 0xe6828D65bf5023AE1851D90D8783Cc821ba7eeE1.
  • Ethereum: 0xe6828D65bf5023AE1851D90D8783Cc821ba7eeE1

This project has a vibrant and engaged community. You can find the latest news and announcements on their different social media channels:

Also, this project has other resources:

Discussion Forums:

What seems like a rebranding process for ApeBond signifies more than that. It is growth, unity, and commitment towards its community. With these new features, this platform aims to distinguish itself from other decentralized exchanges. This will let the project have an all-inclusive sustainable future.

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