Big Updates on TrustSwap

TrustSwap, a crypto project currently in vogue, has decided to share some news with the community. It relates to staking on the company’s main product – Launchpad.

Altcoin Buzz is keeping a close eye on TrustSwap. In late November, the company’s Launchpad went live, offering fundraising opportunities, mass exposure, and marketing at low costs.

Now the company has more perks in store. According to the company’s official Twitter account, “Every single Launchpad project has remained above its Launchpad price.” The company is talking about five successive wins.

The five successful projects launched on TrustSwap include:

  • Chain Games, which is an online betting platform that integrates into all kinds of competitive online games which people can bet on. One of the games available on it includes Super Crypto Kart where people compete for CHAIN tokens.
  • MobiePay, a platform for integrating crypto and fiat payments into a seamless user interface “with a tokenized incentive model to reward users and grow adoption.” The platform benefited greatly from launching their MBX token with TrustSwap.
  • Aubit, a project that allows its users to hold “virtual” stocks and earn a portion of the fees that their chosen stocks generate. It uses the FWT token; its mobile app is scheduled for release in Q1 2021.
  • COIN, a project launched by two Microsoft alumni, Damon Nam and Byron Levels, alongside big crypto names like Alex Machinsky (Celsius Network). An AI-powered project, its software supports cross-chain atomic swaps, which helps users to make smarter investment decisions by retrieving crypto-related news articles in real time.·
  • Yield.App, a DeFi investment platform that guarantees steady returns of up to 20% APY.

If you are willing to enter the game and start using launchpads, you have to buy SWAP and begin staking it. The coin is currently trading at $0.585598 (press-time). Keep in mind that the staking pool was 70% full at the initial announcement. To that end, the company’s representative underscores that once the pool is full, it’s full. As of the 16th, TrustSwap announced it had $20 million in its staking portal

The staking process also allows you to reap benefits. “One coming up is worth $100-$750, depending on your stake,” the initial tweet reads.

As for staking on TrustSwap, here are some important things to keep in mind. The platform distributes 80% of all TrustSwap fees paid in SWAP as staking rewards. The proportion depends on the amount you stake. Also, the platform uses DASH and SwapScore as metrics of SWAP staked on TrustSwap. When you stake SWAP, the circulating supply is reduced. This helps with tokenomics and shows the community that you have faith in TrustSwap.

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It is also worth noting that the Yield App, which claims to bridge traditional and decentralized finance by providing high-return investment funds that don’t rely on unstable national currencies or pure speculation, came to the TrustSwap Launchpad on the 7th of December. On December 14th, Yield went live. According to a tweet by TrustSwap, this app guarantees an annual yield of 12% and has a banking, security, and asset management license.

“They save on Ethereum fees by batching transactions together so you can invest as little as $100,” noted Josh Cross, the founder of the DeFi NOW YouTube channel and enthusiastic researcher of decentralized finance. He adds that the fact Yield is custodial makes it possible to invest such low sums. In addition, everything they invest in must have rigorous audits of the smart contracts.

To participate you need to buy Yield (YLD) tokens, which will be released a third at a time on December 14th, January 14th, and February 14th. The token is currently trading at $15.50.

For more cryptocurrency news, visit the Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel.


  1. Thanks for the article! 1 small correction: the link and info at the end is incorrect. The YLD token that launched on TrustSwap is from not that’s a different project with the same ticker. Please update. Cheers!


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