BitFlyer set to make your trading easier

Tokyo based cryptocurrency exchange, BitFlyer has made its mobile application available to users in the United States and Europe.

The news revealed that the BitFlyer application can be used for free by both iOS and Android users. Also, the app provides a safe and regulated platform for US and Europe customers to trade a range of cryptocurrencies. These include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Monacoin (MONA) and Lisk (LSK).

A standard platform

The BitFlyer app ensures that users can easily buy and sell. It also allows users to adhere to the same robust KYC and verification standards as the website.

Founder and CEO of BitFlyer USA, Yuzo Kano commented on the development. He said: “The app brings the reliability, security, and experience of our Japan market to our European and American customers. Thus, closing the gap between our service offerings and creating a truly global and regulated exchange product.”

Co-head and COO of BitFlyer Europe, Andy Bryant said: “With our Buy/Sell platform, we strived to create a simpler, faster and even more transparent experience. Also, where everyone can buy cryptocurrencies in just a few minutes and from a reputable source. The BitFlyer app makes this even more convenient for users.”

Furthermore, he said: “We are staying true to our mission of making the world simpler with blockchain. By making the transparency, security, and simplicity of our robust trading platforms available via a quick, single app download.”

What to Expect from BitFlyer application?

The cryptocurrency exchange started in the USA in November 2017, followed by BitFlyer Europe in January 2018.

Both companies exist as subsidiaries of BitFlyer, Inc., a renowned cryptocurrency exchange in Japan.

Since its launch, BitFlyer led the exchange market by providing a reliable, efficient and secure regulated marketplace for crypto traders. Currently, the app becomes the only regulated digital asset exchange available in Japan, Europe, and the USA combined.

Accordingly, existing users can log on to the app with their account details. New traders can register by using an email address and submitting necessary KYC info to deposit and begin trading.

Additionally, other features of the app include, users can get real-time price data, users can easily track their profit and loss (PnL), view trade history and seamlessly visualize their portfolio. A QR code feature exists that can be used to easily send and receive virtual currencies with bitFlyer.

Interestingly, customers that download and register between 21st to 27th, October enjoy €10 ($10 if in the US) in BTC.


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