Blind Boxes BLES Vault Launch Offers Daily Rewards

Curated gamified liquidity and NFT launchpad platform Blind Boxes (BLES) has announced the launch of its vault and liquidity staking program.

The Blind Boxes BLES liquidity staking program will take place on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) on May 8, 2021, at exactly 08:00 am (UTC). The starting block height for the liquidity program is 7237470 and the ending block height is 9829470. The entire program is slated to take place over 90 days. During this period, approximately 900,000 BLES will be distributed for LP staking.

The vault launch will take place on EVM-compatible (Ethereum Virtual Machine) chain Binance Smart Chain. Binance Smart Chain, according to reports, generates approximately 20 blocks per minute. This is, in total, approximately 28,800 blocks in 24 hours.

Blind Boxes BLES Vault 1

This vault facilitates BLES single asset staking. The staking will take place on the Blind Boxes platform with stakers earning BLES tokens as rewards. When voting events take place, stakers on that day will earn an extra 50% of the total amount of BLES rewards allocated to them that day.

Important details about BLES Vault 1

  • The total reward set aside for stakers is 200,000 BLES.
  • Non-voting stakers will earn a daily reward of 2222.22 BLES.
  • Voting stakers will also earn a daily reward of 3333.33 BLES.
  • BLES token per block is 0.077.
  • BLES (BEP-20) token contract address is 0x393d87e44c7b1f5ba521b351532c24ece253b849
Blind Boxes BLES Vault 2

While BLES Vault 1 facilitates single asset staging, BLES Vault 2 provides BLES-BNB CAKE-LP dual asset staking. Liquidity providers (LPs) on BLES Vault 2 will have to stake BLES-BNB CAKE-LP tokens to earn rewards.

Both BLES and BNB token holders can also mint CAKE-LP tokens by simply providing liquidity on the PancakeSwap DEX. Once the transaction has been completed and confirmed, BLES-BNB CAKE-LP tokens will be deposited into the user’s wallet address available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Next, interested users will need to locate Blind Boxes on BSC and then stake their LP tokens in its BLES Vault 2 mining pool.

Find out more about how to add liquidity to PancakeSwap here.

Important details about Blind Boxes BLES Vault 2

  • The total allocated CAKE-LP rewards is 900,000 BLES.
  • The daily reward for LPs is 10,000 BLES.
  • Blind Boxes BLES per block on vault 2 is 0.347.
  • BLES-BNB CAKE-LP (BEP-20) token contract address is 0xd90B8cd5f0658C07940BC238649057F14783E1f0
About Blind Boxes

Popularly known as a curated gamified platform and NFT launchpad, Blind Boxes is a scalable dApp providing creators with the ability to increase their revenue stream. It also allows creators to increase the liquidity of their creative assets. On the Blind Boxes Marketplace, users can buy time-released curated non-fungible token (NFT) collections.

it also recently partnered with 1inch to launch liquidity mining.

BLES price

At the time of publication, BLES token was trading at $1.67, with a market cap of $14,336,415 and a 24-hour trading volume of $857,956.

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