Cardano Sets New Standards of Transparency, Security

Cardano has finally shipped its mainnet wallet, Daedalus, according to an announcement in its forum on April 24.

The Daedalus wallet, which was in the development stage since September 2017, has finally been gone live. Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano and CEO of IOHK, made this announcement in a YouTube video.

There are high expectations for the wallet. Reportedly, it introduces a slew of new and exciting features to the entire Cardano ecosystem such as blockchain synchronization and improved and more reliable security systems.

Updates on Daedalus

Unlike Cardano’s previous wallet which could not operate a full ledger, Daedalus can function as a full node wallet. Simply put, the wallet comes with a pre-downloaded copy of the Cardano blockchain.

This means that the wallet can auto-validate every single transaction it carries out. As a result, it ensures top-notch security in the blockchain while eliminating the risk of centralized servers.

Hoskinson in the video threw more light on the background blockchain synchronization function of Daedalus. He pointed out that with the latest updates, background syncing would now take only about 60 minutes. This is a marked improvement from earlier when the syncing needed a time range of 9 to 14 hours.

Another feature of the Daedalus wallet is allowing “unlimited accounting”. This signifies that the mainnet wallet can enable end-users to create varied public/private keys using a single seed. This, in essence, allows for multiple wallet management simultaneously.

Alongside these top-notch upgrades, Daedalus also boasts of a revamped user experience functionality that combines newsfeed with a customizable interface. Users can download the Daedalus 1.0.0 mainnet (available for Win/Mac/Linux) here.

Byron reboot

According to the blog post on the forum, providing top-notch, safe, and fast service to its users has been a core objective of Cardano. With the Byron reboot and withdrawal of the previous Serokell code, users would now be able to enjoy these services smoothly.

Both the Darko and Daedalus teams expressed their excitement at the wallet launch and the successful Byron reboot. As the blog post stated, “This is a proud moment for all of us. We have been waiting 18 months for this to occur and it is now in everyone’s hands”.

To remind, we have been bringing you regular updates on the Shelley infrastructures, and its testnet expected to go live in May. As of now, only a small test group has access to the Shelley upgrade. Depending on the favorable results that this test group finds, more users are likely to get hold of the upgrade.

We previously reported on what users should expect from Cardano this year.


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