Cardano has released the testnet for the long-awaited Shelley upgrade. The testnet allows users to test the mechanisms that’ll will let them stake ADA in the upcoming Shelley upgrade.

Cardano Foundation announced the roll out of the Shelley testnet. The release of the testnet is another step in Cardano’s path towards a proof-of-stake (PoS)-based system. Furthermore, Shelley will also implement a new consensus protocol called Ouroboros BFT, which will help fend off potential 51% attacks. The tweet of the Cardano Community:

According to the official Shelley testnet website, the initial phase of the release is set to allow users to experiment with staking:

“The Cardano Shelley testnet provides a way for ada users and developers in our community to experiment with staking and help build up a collection of stake pools on Cardano.”

The testnet is firstly be rolled out to a small pool of developers. After that, if no bugs occur, the self-node testnet will most likely be released to the public in July. With that, it seems that the long-awaited Shelley upgrade is almost ready.

The release of Shelley has already been delayed several times due to a complicated development phase. Currently, according to Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson, more than 50 engineers are working full-time on the Shelley project.

A video / podcast about the Cardano Shelley Testnet Rollout can be found here:


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