Cartesi CTSI Mining Milestone, Injective Protocol Partnership

Cartesi has recorded a huge milestone in the brand new CTSI Reserve Mining program.

CTSI is the native token for the Cartesi project, and the launch of the CTSI Reserve Mining and staking program was a great move for the team at Cartesi.

New Milestone for CTSI Reserve Mining

The CTSI Reserve Mining program has hit some lofty numbers. On March 20, Cartesi announced that over 50.8 million CTSI has been staked. Also, the participation rate is 27%, and there are 167 active nodes. Besides, CTSI is a utility token for the Cartesi network, benefitting both the network and holders.

Speaking at an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with Avalanche, the Chief Scientific Officer of Cartesi, Augusto Teixeira (Ph.D.), revealed the capabilities of the CTSI token and how useful it is in different areas of the Cartesi ecosystem. He also made it clear that the main utility of the token is for running the Noether sidechain on the Cartesi ecosystem.

“We have just launched its 1.1 version [Noether sidechain] that greatly improves our mechanism to select block producers. The importance of our sidechain is to provide short-lived data to dApps. This will also allow for much cheaper and more massive data streams to enter our Cartesi dApps,” added Augusto.

He also revealed another use-case of the token. He pointed out that “another important use of CTSI is for computational metering of un-permissioned applications.”

Cartesi Partners With Injective Protocol

In additional news, Cartesi announced its partnership with Injective Protocol. This partnership is geared towards the mainstream developer adoption of the Injective Chain. In this partnership, both parties will carry out collaborative research from which Cartesi will integrate its tools into the Injective ecosystem.

The goal is to help developers to leverage on popular tools from the leading operating system. Cartesi hopes to enable developers in accessing the capabilities of smart contracts which the flexible and interoperable Injective Chain has provided.

This initiative is also aimed at promoting the programmability that is available on the Injective Chain. With support from Cartesi, Injective’s developers will have greater avenues to release new applications on the Injective Chain.

Improving programmability on the Injective Chain can result in the introduction of new features. Such new features could include new front-end interfaces and derivative trading mechanisms.

Injective Protocol CEO Eric Chen notes, “Our work with Cartesi will be a tremendous boon for broad developer adoption within the decentralized trading ecosystem. Both projects are part of the Binance family, so it is an exciting step in our journey to deepen this relationship further.”

Cartesi Enables Developers With Adequate Solutions

Most developers find it difficult to access certain mainstream software. As a result, Cartesi provides them with solutions by granting these developers access to Linux-supported mainstream software stacks for coding. Therefore, helping developers to explore greater opportunities.

Cartesi CEO Erick de Moura says, “I am very excited to collaborate with Injective’s team, bringing Cartesi to its growing ecosystem. Today, existing blockchain application developers are limited in their coding abilities and millions of mainstream software developers are left outside because they don’t find their everyday languages and tools to build DApps. Bridging Linux and mainstream software with Injective will be an important catalyst for broad adoption of both technologies.”

As part of the collaboration, Injective Protocol will be launching new derivative products that will leverage CTSI, the native Cartesi token. This creates more opportunities for users to access the Cartesi network. Going forward, both parties will also embark on more projects to assist developers and grow their ecosystems.

Before now, Cartesi also announced its integration with Avalanche, the open-source platform for highly decentralized apps. With the integration, Cartesi’s Layer 2 infrastructure expanded within DeFi for the first time.

CTSI Price

As of the time of writing, Cartesi price was 0.332006 with a 24-hour trading volume of $34,143,719. CTSI price also dropped down by 2.8% over the last 24 hours. Besides, it has a circulating supply of 307 million CTSI coins and a max supply of 1 billion. Binance is also the current most active market trading CTSI.

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