Common Wealth closed its first round of its Free Fund Campaign. This week, they announced the results. This means that the first, 1060 people on the leaderboard receive a slice of that fund. Everybody else who made it onto the leaderboard receives their $WLTH token airdrop. 

So, how did this Free Fund Campaign by Common Wealth work out? Let’s take a look.

The Common Wealth Free Fund Campaign Results Are In

The results of the Common Wealth Free Fund Campaign are in. Do you remember how you could get a slice? The team opened doors and revenues that usually are only open for VCs. It democratized access to early-stage Web3 investments. So, you and I can have access to it. 

With Common Wealth, there’s no more exclusion. Instead, you have the chance to sit in the front row with 15 new projects. None of these projects has a token yet! So, Common Wealth had a three-week-long campaign in which you could earn points. The more points you got, the higher you ended up on the leaderboard. For more background information, read our intro article to Common Wealth.

The first 1060 participants on the leaderboard got a slice of the Free Fund. This is currently valued at $3.26 million. There were,

  • 10 tier 1 places with $10,000 slices.
  • 50 tier 2 places with $5,000 slices.
  • 1000 tier 3 places with $1,000 slices.
  • Everybody else who managed to get on the leaderboard will receive a $WLTH token airdrop at TGE. 

In total, there were 3,859 winners. 60,000 people from all over the world entered the campaign. Together, they completed no less than 1.6 million missions. Furthermore, the campaign received 13 million impressions on X. 

Common Wealth is democratizing investments. Instead of a fund being accessible to the 1% (VCs), it was accessible to the other 99% of people. The picture below shows how Common Wealth divided the Fund between the projects.

Common Wealth

Source: Common Wealth Fund

What’s Up Next?

All the 1060 winners will get their respective slices airdropped to their wallets. So, if you’re a winner, and you’re on the leaderboard, make sure to connect your zkSync wallet address. You can do that at their website.

Within 10 days of the final results, those slices should show up in your wallet. The winners in the top 3 tiers will receive a Slice of Free Fund. Once the protocol liquidates tokens in the fund, you receive a payout. 

If you find yourself back in tier 4, you receive an amount of their $WLTH token. Once the token is live, you will receive that by airdrop. This should be in April. However, there’s not a fixed date yet. It’s best to keep following Common Wealth’s social media.

To sum up, the Common Wealth Free Fund Campaign turned out to be a huge success. 1060 participants were in the top 1060. They earned a slice of the Fund. All others that managed to get on the leaderboard, will receive the $WLTH token at TGE. The white paper, token launch, and the next fund should all be in April.



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