Huge Profit Crypto Airdrops $2.5Mn | Early Access By Common Wealth

Are you ready for a free VC fund, worth $2.4 million? Guess what, you’re in the right place. This is the first time that ‘small’ retailers, like you and I, have got access to early-stage projects. 

Usually, such early access is restricted to VCs only. However, Common Wealth is changing this now. With Common Wealth, you get access to the world’s first-ever Free Venture Fund. These are 15 projects that haven’t launched their token yet. And the best part? You can get a slice of this $2.4 million fund through an airdrop.

What Is Common Wealth?

Common Wealth is an early-stage investment platform. There are plenty of those around.  So, let me explain what sets them apart. It makes VC-level early investment options available to anybody. That’s a unique option.

Common Wealth combines Web3 technology with high-level investment principles. For example, it offers high quality and the best deals. In a nutshell, it wants to make investing in Web3 a lot simpler and easier.

The team is of high caliber. The members have backgrounds in Cardano, Google, Facebook, Intel, and IBM. That’s some huge names, right here. Another important support comes from their 10-person All Street Oracle. They are investment council members. In other words, they bring in the projects.

Now, Common Wealth is offering you a unique opportunity. You can get a slice of the $2.4 Free VC Fund on offer. This gives access to 15 projects that haven’t launched their token yet. Common Wealth offers you a ‘slice’ of this fund. It’s free to enter, but you need to complete some tasks.

Sign up now and get access to early-stage deals just like a VC. So, if you’re familiar with Galxe, well, it’s similar. You need to do social tasks. For instance, like and repost an X task (formerly Twitter). My tip, if you want to stay safe from hackers and scammers on your X account, use a disposable X account. It’s like using a burner wallet for your airdrop hunts.

Who Can Win?

This campaign has 1060 winners. As the sign-up page shows. This splits up into various tiers. The campaign lasts for 3 weeks. However, the campaign is already running. 

So, that leaves you with 8 days left to complete the tasks. First, here’s how Common Wealth offers the rewards. They’re based on estimated values from the projects’ recent private funding rounds. Furthermore, you may also receive a bonus. That’s the Common Wealth $WLTH token airdrop.

Here’s a breakdown of the 1060 winners and what they will get. There are three tiers:

  • Tier 1: The top 10 participants will each secure a $10,000 allocation.
  • In the next tier, 50 participants receive a $5,000 allocation.
  • Third Tier: The next 1,000 participants are good for a $1,000 allocation.

Runners-Up: Common Wealth doesn’t want to leave anybody empty-handed. So, there’s $1.05 million worth of their $WLTH token to share. However, you have to make it onto the leaderboard. This has an FDV (fully dilated value) of $30 million.

How Can You Take Part?

You can take part in this airdrop, by setting up a profile. Use the link in our description to create your profile in the Common Wealth app. The next step is to complete missions. You need to complete at least three missions per project. That will get you onto the leaderboard and secure you a slice of the airdrop. 

Each project has more than 3 missions. However, you will see that the qualifying missions will have a yellow star. Make sure to complete these. 

If you complete all missions for a project, you get 10 extra XP points. Completing all quests per project gets you another 20 XP points. Now, you want to stay on top of the campaign. For instance, some missions will ask for proof of completion.

The more XP you get, the higher your position on the leaderboard will be. The highest positions take the tiered prices. But remember, as long as you make it onto the leaderboard, you will also get a slice. You can sign in with your email address. If you use a wallet, Common Wealth runs on zkSync. So, make sure you have the zkSync network in your wallet.

Some of the Free VC Fund Projects

So, here are some of the projects:

This should keep you busy for a while. There are plenty of missions and quests to complete. 

Remember, make sure to complete at least the three missions marked with a yellow star. If you complete all missions and all quests for a project, you earn an extra XP. Are you already taking part in this airdrop? If you have a fave project, let me know.


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