Top Rune Projects to Know — Part 1

Bitcoin’s core hasn’t changed. It’s still a PoW network and there are only 21 million BTC ever available. However, the Bitcoin ecosystem has changed quite a bit recently. It started with the Ordinals and the introduction of a new token standard, the BRC-20.

However, now there are also Runes tokens, an improved version of BRC-20 tokens. But there aren’t that many Runes projects yet. Nonetheless, some of these Runes projects are promising. That’s why we take a closer look at them in a 2-part series.

1) Runecoin

Runecoin is one of the OGs in the Runes Projects. Out of almost 30 projects, 9 got the OG stamp of approval. In this case, they’re an OG since January 23, 2024. That’s when they launched.

The Runecoin also has an RSICs or Rune Specific Inscription Circuits collection. You can use it in their game, and there are 21,000 of them. Holding this Ordinal allows you to mine Runes. The devs are building a testnet. However, it’s still unclear what they are exactly building.

2) The Rune Guardians

The Rune Guardians also qualify as one of the OGs among Runes projects. After Runecoins, they’re the second most famous of the Runes projects. They are a 10k collection, and they found their homes through an airdrop. Guardian holders also received a share in 100 billion Runes airdrop. The airdrop is 90% completed.

Like Runecoin, the Guardians also have a game. This allows you to mine Runes. There are three different Guardian generations:

  • 100 Guardians
  • 200 Sentinels
  • 9700 Keepers

The video below gives an intro to the Rune Guardians.

3) Runestone

Runestone is also an Ordinal and a memecoin. It allows you to mine runes in case you manage to hold it until block 840,000. There are 112,383 addresses to receive Runestones. Leonidas, the person behind the stones, made a snapshot at block 826,600 on 3rd March. To qualify, you needed to hold at least 3 non-TXT/JSON inscriptions during the snapshot.

Leonidas also mentioned that the token will have no utility or roadmap. Still, Runestone is one of the OG Runes Projects.

4) Rune Mania Miner (RMM)

The Rune Mania Miner was another airdrop. This time for RSIC holders. Holding an RMM allows you to mine Runes. There are tools available that allow you to keep track of how many Runes you already mined.

These Runes projects are all very new. As a result, utility or roadmaps often lack. However, Rune Mania Miner has a website up and running. A dashboard for the website is in the pipeline. The current RMM floor is 0.24 BTC, which translates to around $1,500. Below is a picture of the Multiplier Checker.

Rune projects

Source: Multiplier Checker

5) Runes Terminal

The Runes Terminal provides infrastructure for Runes projects. For example, it’s the first-ever Runes Protocol launchpad. But that’s not it. The platform has more services available. For instance,

  • RunesScan — An explorer for Runes.
  • RunesPad — A launchpad for Runes.
  • RunesEtcher — Allows you to issue and batch new Rues. Coming soon.
  • RunesBook — Like a Runes Wiki. Coming soon.

There’s also talk of a $RUNI token on their website. However, not much further formation is currently available. The $RUNI token should give you access to vetted IDOs.

6) RuneX

RuneX is a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) Runes exchange. However, its launch isn’t due until April. But there’s a twist. RuneX is built on the Pipe protocol. That’s a fungible token protocol. The original plan was to build on the Runes Protocol. However, this took too long. Once the Runes protocol is up and running, RuneX will also launch there.

The interesting part is that you don’t need to connect your wallet. All transactions go through their Discord server. Check their guide for more detailed information. The picture below shows the RuneX UI.

Rune projects

Source: RuneX

7) Rune Alpha

Rune Alpha is also one of the Runes Projects OGs. It builds infrastructure on the Runes protocol. Rune Alpha’s main feature is a Runes protocol explorer. However, there’s more on offer. You can also create your own Runes tokens and etch them on Rune Alpha. Furthermore, there will be a marketplace.


This is Part 1 of a 2-part series about top Runes projects. In this part, we looked mainly at Runes OG projects. For example, Runes Coins, Rune Guardians, and RuneX. In Part 2 we take a closer look at some newer Runes projects.



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