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As Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, took another socially responsible step. The largest crypto-backed card provider went ahead with its planned meetup. But this time it was a virtual one with an impressive full-house AMA. Over 700 users joined the virtual meet where Mariana Gospodinova, General Manager Europe, shared the company’s EU plan. It was followed by an AMA and lightning round with Co-founder and CEO, Kris Marszalek.  

Undoubtedly, a lot has been going around in the world right now. But then there are projects like that remain undeterred as they hold a complete belief in what they are doing. In the first-ever Virtual AMA, Mariana shared the EU plans for MCO zero-fee Card rollout. She further revealed that after the UK, 30 EU countries and 49 states of America will receive the next lot of cards.

While her talks were primarily about what had achieved to date, it was Kris’s AMA that shed light on what lies ahead for 2020.

A busy Q1 ahead

According to Kris, the next two months would keep the users as well as the team pretty busy. He mentioned that the development team was working aggressively to release the Margin Trading Minimum Viable Product by April 2020.  While the App refresh might happen somewhere in May 2020, it would include an upgrade to a more responsive App design.

Kris further talked about the major product launch that would be the Non-Custodial Wallet. It will also connect to the user’s MCO card.

As shared by Kris, a lot of work was happening in the background to support the De-Fi revolution.

Much More for EU and US

For the European Union users, there was great news. The integration with Apple Pay was already approved and the user would be able to enjoy it soon. Along with that, was also working on bringing out higher limit cards. Besides, there were talks of focus on localizing the app for EU users.

For the US users, the wait for Exchange will be over pretty soon. They should expect a Crypto.Com Exchange launch somewhere in the month of May.  Additionally, the Wallet App will receive a US Tax Reporting option too.

ETH pairs on the exchange might not happen

The lightning round with Kris was pretty exciting. While he revealed that offering a Virtual Card was not a high priority item for, he also shared that having ETH pairs on the exchange might not happen. Additionally, the penetration into EU markets did not mean the Wallet Support for EURO stablecoin.

Quite excited by the virtual AMA turnout, Kris shared that was happy with the monthly double-digit growth. Sharing his viewpoint about last week’s market meltdown, Kris said that in spite of the unfortunate events, the exchanges were still receiving a good in-flow of buy orders. And that in all is very positive news for the crypto proponents.

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