Top crypto exchanges with no KYC

Since the fall of FTX in November, there have been strong doubts about crypto exchanges. Binance, Coinbase, and the like are being stress-tested and rebuilding damaged reputations. 

But today, we have a safe secure, fast exchange. No damaged reputation here. It’s the most secure exchange you’ve never heard of. Meet CoinEx, an important NO KYC Exchange.

What is CoinEX?

CoinEx started in December 2017 and has its headquarters in Hong Kong. It operates as part of the ViaBTC Group. ViaBTC is still today one of the biggest Bitcoin mining pools. So they are real industry veterans.

They have more than two million users in over 100 nations. The platform supports 15 languages including russian, chinese, english, japanese, korean, and others. So, CoinEX is a real global exchange. So, it is unlike Coinbase and some others that are region-specific. 

Hong Kong is a strategic location for crypto platforms. Hong Kong will consider crypto investments legal as of June this year. Experts believe some Chinese exchanges will transfer liquidity to Hong Kong-based exchanges. And that’s a big opportunity for CoinEX. Let’s start with a general review of the platform.

General Review of CoinEx

Of all the features I like about this platform, its simplicity is my favorite. CoinEX is simple to use. Some exchanges are pretty complex to use. But simplicity is one of CoinEX’s biggest strengths. Anyone can sign up and use the platform. And they don’t need any technical knowledge for that. 

1) KYC

CoinEX has a user-friendly interface. I pretty much enjoyed scrolling through the site during my research. Another thing I observed was that there’s no forced KYC before using the exchange. Now, that’s a pretty distinguishing feature. Considering most top CEXs mandate KYC. Not only that. You can withdraw up to $10,000 per day with NO KYC.

2) Accessibility

Accessibility is easy on CoinEx. An email address, a secure password, and 2FA are all you need to sign up with CoinEx. However, you can get verified if you want to increase your daily withdrawal limit from USD 10,000 to USD 1 million.

3) Token, Trading Pairs and Support

Like Binance, CoinEx has its own native token, the $CET token. I’ll talk about that in detail later. There are more than 600 trading pairs available on the platform. And there are over 200 cryptocurrencies listed.

So, CoinEx has a global presence. It competes very well with Binance in this regard. You can pretty much access it from anywhere. Also, CoinEx offers support for both Android and iOS users.

4) Fees on CoinEx.

CoinEx charges a maker/taker fee of 0.2% on spot trading. There are two ways to reduce this fee:

  • Pay with CET: This provides a 20% fee reduction.
  • Qualify for VIP status: There are 5 VIP levels on CoinEx. You get VIP from holding CET or trading more volume.

Let’s talk about deposits and withdrawals. 

5) Withdrawals and Deposits

The best exchanges make it easy to deposit and withdraw. And CoinEx has that sorted.  Deposits and withdrawals on CoinEx are pretty straightforward. The minimum deposit is only $1.

Deposits on some cryptocurrencies are free. But you can’t deposit fiat money for free using bank transfers. CoinEx uses third-party channels to process fiat deposits. CoinEx has eight third-party fiat currency service providers. Some of them are:

  • MoonPay.
  • Banxa.
  • Simplex.
  • Paxful.
  • Advcash.

These platforms provide support for more than 60 fiat currencies. So, that gives you lots of options. Let’s talk about the available payment methods.

6) Payment Methods

These 3rd party channels accept many of your favorite payment methods. Methods like debit or credit cards or Apple Pay.

7) Withdrawals

Withdrawal fees vary from crypto to crypto. CoinEx has a withdrawal fee of 0.0001 BTC per BTC withdrawal. This is less than the industry average. Fees are transparent and listed on the website. Now let’s talk a bit about security and other features.

CoinEX Features

There are a couple of features that put CoinEX ahead of many of its competitors: Security. For a start, the platform has NEVER BEEN HACKED. That’s because CoinEX takes security very seriously. CoinEX uses cold wallet storage. They also notify users in case of movements on their accounts for added security. 

CoinEX users can enable SMS codes, Google Authenticator, or both. This serves as an additional layer of security. 

CoinEx also has a $2 billion reserve that uses the “Merkle Tree” to prove its 100% reserve rate. No one can manipulate or falsify this proof of reserve data. Regulation-wise, CoinEX is regulated in Estonia. Let’s talk about other features:

  • Wide selection of altcoins: As already mentioned.
  • Low fees: 0.2%
  • Experienced team: The key members of the CoinEx team come from the biggest tech and finance firms. Some of the team members are early adopters and experts in cryptocurrencies. So, there’s no doubt that the CoinEX team knows what they are doing.
  • Active customer support: CoinEx’s support page contains detailed instructions on many possible issues you could have.  And if you still can’t find a solution, you can get in touch with them directly.
Services Available on CoinEX

Some added features like swap trading are reasons why both spot and futures trading grew in 2022. Despite the terrible bear market and damage to exchange reputations, CoinEx grew to $243.3 billion. It also recorded $2.3 billion in daily trade.

As I said earlier, CoinEX has a large selection of cryptocurrencies. It also has some good trading products. Both on mobile and web. Some of the trading options available on the CoinEx website include:

  • Spot Trading: Instant buys or limit orders.
  • Margin trading: Borrowing to trade. We don’t recommend this except for seasoned traders. You can go up to 10x leverage.
  • Futures trading. Pros use this for both trading and hedging.

CoinEX also has five major products and services in its ecosystem.

  • CoinEx Exchange.
  • CoinEx Smart Chain (a public chain ecosystem)
  • OneSwap (a crypto asset-swapping platform)
  • ViaBTC Pool (multicurrency)
  • ViaWallet (a digital wallet)
The CET Token

CET, CoinEx’s token, is an ERC-20 token. Aside from serving as gas on CoinEx, the token has other benefits. Here are a few: 

  1. CET provides holders with discounted trading fees on CoinEx.
  2. It provides special rights during promotional campaigns.
  3. Holders get voting rights.

All transaction fees on CoinEx are calculated and converted to CET tokens. Afterward, traders will receive CET tokens based on the volume of transactions. CET has a daily trading volume of around $1 million.

Getting Started on CoinEX

As I said earlier, getting started on CoinEx is pretty simple. Once you log in, you’ll see the different options available. You can also see the available reserve rate on CoinEx. 

To get started, you’ll need to register. As I mentioned, it’s easy and fast. Once you’ve completed your registration, head to the newbie zone. There you’ll see different materials that can help you get started. You can learn more about CoinEx on any of its social media platforms. Also, don’t forget to let us know if you’ve tried CoinEx before or not.

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