Discover Rollux, a layer 2 blockchain secured by bitcoin

SYS Labs has announced the launch of Rollux, an innovative EVM layer 2 solution, Rollux. SYS Labs is the company behind the hybrid blockchain Syscoin. This project promises to solve Ethereum’s challenges adding to Bitcoin’s strengths.

Let’s discover more about Rollux and what it can offer us.

What is Rollux?

It presents a distinctive method of scaling Ethereum on the Syscoin platform. Rollux will help Ethereum’s applications perform effectively by leveraging the power of Bitcoin.

This L2 EVM achieves the fastest speeds or highest throughput at scale. It provides the most cost-effective user experience with the smallest transaction fees possible. It also promotes security at a level that can only be achieved through PoW-merged mining with Bitcoin. This way, it addresses all three parts of the blockchain trilemma.

It’s important to note that Rollux is more efficient than Optimism, another well-known EVM L2 scaling platform:

rollux vs optimism

Source: Website
Rollux Unlocks New Potentials for Bitcoin and Ethereum
Rollux’s features make it easy to use in addition to offering a comprehensive ecosystem. One example of this is the upcoming SuperDapp, another product of SYS Labs. It is an AI-enhanced Web3 social platform. Equipped with unique chat features.
Furthermore, it has a built-in non-custodial wallet for easy asset management, and will offer optimized versions for both mobile and online platforms. Integrating AI and blockchain provides a promising dapp that will unlock new potential and a wider user base than traditional Web3 dapps developed for the crypto crowd.
Rollux will act as a bridge to onboard the Ethereum developer pool and ecosystem onto the Bitcoin ecosystem. This integration removes the barriers that have historically kept the two separated. Rollux reminds the world of PoW’s relevance and the importance of sustaining the Bitcoin network.

Jagdeep Sidhu, CEO of SYS Labs, believes that this project will be the key to unlocking the next wave of adoption. He said in a statement, “Rollux is the embodiment of our shared vision and unwavering commitment. We’re delivering on our promise of speed, decentralization, security, affordability, and scalability—the core pillars of blockchain technology that we always believed were vital for fostering mass adoption.”
The Future of Rollux

This project has massive potential. It is the only solution that combines the best of Bitcoin and Ethereum while using Syscoin to provide the necessities they lack for unhindered scalability, security, and affordability. SYS Labs has already struck many partnerships with a variety of Web3 teams. At this moment, the first wave of products is already launching on Rollux. This way, SYS Labs is helping to foster the growth of an effective ecosystem that reimagines how the Ethereum mainnet ought to operate.

The new launch is a significant development for the larger blockchain sector. It resolves the persistent blockchain trilemma and fosters hope for the future by enabling widespread adoption.
You can follow Rollux on its Twitter and Discord.

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