Ecio Is Releasing an Exclusive NFT Collection

Ecio, a blockchain game built on BNB Smart Chain (BSC), will release an exclusive mystery box on Binance NFT. In this article, you will find out all the details about this event.

Ecio is a space battle adventure fighting blockchain game with a huge set of characters and strategies. In this game, players create a story-rich gaming experience and unique character identities for Space Warriors. It allows players to feel engaged in the game. Furthermore, you can find out more about Ecio in our last article about Ecio.

This special event takes place on February 26 at 11:00 UTC. For this event, Ecio’s team partnered with Binance NFT, the top curated marketplace for digital art, fashion, music, gaming, and more.

These Mystery Pods contain a Space Warrior NFT. Moreover, these NFTs are useful in Ecio’s strategic player-versus-environment and PVP fights. The Ecioverse features four character classes: Tanker, Fighter, Nuker, and Supporter. Each member of the crew boasts unique passive talents, abilities, and stats. In addition, this design enables unique and creative team options to help players make money while winning battles.

Every character minted with the exclusive Mystery Space Pod will receive the exclusive training camp skin. Also, there is the opportunity to get a chance to win one of two exclusive Binance NFT Limited or Epic Space Warriors.

What Can You Do With NFT Characters?

There will be 9,999 Mystery Boxes available to buy, with 199 boxes reserved for the community. Also, each user can purchase a maximum of 20 boxes. This is what you can do with your NFT:

  • In-game play (P2E)

You can transfer character NFTs to the ECIO game collection 30 days after the sale finishes. In addition, owners can now use ECIO NFTs for the upcoming Alpha Test.

  • NFTs can be staked for prizes

The NFT Space Warrior staking function is now available for all NFTs that will be minted in the ECIO Exclusive Mystery Box. Furthermore, the amount of earnings will be proportional to the total battle power of the staked Space Warriors. More total battle power will consequently deliver larger profits earned. Once players have reached the collecting staking threshold, their space army will gain permanent extra Battle Points.

  • Trade in the native ECIO Marketplace

You can list NFTs from the ECIO Exclusive Mystery Box on the ECIO Marketplace and sell them to the other users.

  • Use of the Battle Lab and Neuron Lab (upcoming features)

Battle Lab – NFTs from the ECIO Exclusive Mystery Box where players can create and upgrade the NFT’s parts into newer and stronger parts. Moreover, it needs to be combined with three blueprint fragments. The game selects these components at random.
Neuron Lab – NFTs from the ECIO Exclusive Mystery Box where players can upgrade Space Warrior NFTs into a stronger NFT capable of defeating stronger enemies. It needs to be joined with two similar Space Warriors. However, the game selects these components at random.

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