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Decentraland. The Sandbox. You may think you are too late for the huge benefits that come with investing early in a metaverse. But they aren’t the only players in this game. And today’s spotlight project gives you a chance to get in early now like you would have on The Sandbox if you could have.

And not just that, they use very cool AR, VR, and XR technology to help make it feel more real. This happens to be the best time to learn more about this project as its Virtual Land Public sale went live just yesterday. And it ends in the next 9 days. So you might want to hurry. Then let’s check out our spotlight project for today, Vault Hill.

What is Vault Hill?

Vault Hill is an extended reality (XR) based metaverse. They believe in the metaverse, not as a utopia or a dystopia, but a place where you can have more, better experiences and be your authentic self. We’ll dive into more detail about what this means for the user experience.

Founded a year ago in May 2021 by Certified Blockchain Architect Jimi Daodu, the entire team is public which is one of the fundamental checklist points for us before investing in a project.

Founded just a year back I would say Vault Hill has come a long way. It has delivered $VHC token, VLAND – the virtual land, an NFT Marketplace is working its metaverse economy and a lot more than you can learn about in the Growth and Roadmap in the timestamp below

What is the Unique Value Proposition of Vault Hill?

Vault Hill is human-centric. This means they are working hard to create a metaverse that’s a real convergence between our personal life and our digital life. 

The virtual land that is available is split up into 4 islands with extensive urban planning. The Head of Architecture and Urban Design at Vault Hill helped design the landing deck at Dubai’s famous Burj-Al-Arab hotel. So they take island planning and urban planning very seriously. 

Both the virtual land sale and NFT Marketplace went live yesterday. 

Here is what the marketplace looks like. All the 4 standard, premium, Delux, and exclusive lands are up for sale. And if we look at the cost of the land it lies somewhere in the range of $2000 to $2600 at the current price. These land sizes range from 32-meter blocks to 96-meter blocks. And it looks very lifelike too.

There are 4 islands split up into 7 districts each in Vault Hill City (VHC). The districts cover 7 themes:

  1. Curiosity
  2. Play
  3. Idealism
  4. Romance
  5. Vitality
  6. Imagination
  7. Community

It’s easy to see and learn a little more about these districts from this interactive map. You can explore using AR, VR, or XR and either individuals or brands can buy virtual land in VHC called VLAND. Their ILO (Initial Land Offering) is taking place now and there are 4 parcel sizes to choose from.

There is 10,000 VLAND total but only 573 available in the ILO. That said, 70% of the VLAND is set to sell to the community so it will truly be community-owned. There will also be an NFT marketplace where you can sell, buy, or rent nearly anything available in the Vault Hill metaverse. Want to hear it from the horse’s mouth? Check out our latest AMA with Nick Merrit.

Vault Hill Tokenomics

There are two ways to invest with Vault Hill. One we just told you about is their virtual land VLAND. But they also have a token, the VHC token. It’s the metaverse currency for Vault Hill.

VHC is built on Ethereum and they have both ERC-20 and ERC-721 contracts for their token and NFTs. Both have been successfully audited by Hacken. VHC is available on Polygon, too. VHC is a utility token. Everything you buy whether it’s VLAND or you pay rent or items in the metaverse you need VHC to pay for them.

The VHC token is used for:

  1. Distributing rewards like participating in governance or providing liquidity for the VHC/USDC liquidity pool on Uniswap
  2. Buying goods and services in the metaverse at a discount
  3. Governance by way of staking and voting power is coming soon but is not available today.

The total supply will be 340 million VHC. The allocation is 10% to the Team, and 5% to advisors, while the public will have access to 48.6% of all tokens. Each group has 10% available at the TGE with the remaining 90% vesting over 6-9 quarters depending on the group. We like seeing lockups like this to prevent big insider dumping of tokens into the market.

And right now, besides the Uniswap LP, you can buy VHC on Bitmart, MEXC, and Quickswap.

Vault Hill Partners, Investors & Ecosystem

Vault Hill raised $2.1 million from its seed sale and counts among its investors:

  • Master Venture
  • Republic Realm
  • IBC Consulting
  • And more

And they have many strategic partners for a project so new like:

  • Today Fit
  • Gravity Studio
  • VR/AR Association
  • Women Blockchain Talks
  • Foods Capital
  • Cryptopia
  • And more

The word is getting out about this project. On the other hand, there’s no ecosystem right now to speak of. But we expect there will be businesses selling goods and services, and more apps in development. So those of you who are adventurous may want to stake your claim in this metaverse soon.

Growth, Roadmap & Competition

Where is the project going? The public virtual land sale and the launch of the NFT marketplace, which the company is calling ‘the eBay of NFTs’ both launched this month. And according to their roadmap in their white paper, they are right on schedule. They’ve hit many of the goals set in the paper when they wrote it a year ago.

The ILO is happening now too as is a big launch event in London and their #22 event. In development is their ‘No Code Builder’ tool. This means that anyone who buys VLAND will be able to build on and develop their property without needing to know or write a single line of code. Very user-friendly.

More districts for Sub-Island 1 are coming online too. So we are early on this project. And you’ve seen how Sandbox and Decentraland are doing, that those who got in the earliest benefitted the most.

On the other hand, the big boys are Decentraland and The Sandbox. And they are well ahead of Vault Hill. And that’s good and that’s bad. The good is that in this new sector, they are helping to pave the way for more successful projects. The bad is that they are enormous and Vault Hill is new and smaller.

Some of you will like that it’s new. It’s a chance to get in early. Others will want to see the metaverse built out a little more. And as Vault Hill told us, they believe the main difference between them and the big boys is not just they are only launching now. But also that they are keeping everything ‘human-centric’. They want to add to our experiences and not substitute for fun you should be having in your real day-to-day life. This is supposed to be an enhancement. And it looks like it is.

Risks on Vault Hill

Well as we just mentioned, their main competition is much, much larger than they are. That’s always a risk. But because the whole metaverse sector is growing so fast and so is Vault Hill, it seems they are set to do very well in the space. 

All eyes are on their VLAND sale. If that sells fast enough they will have enough cash to deliver their ambitious roadmap in 2022. So right that VLAND sale that’s going on till June 6 is a measuring rod of their long-term success. 

Another aspect that could limit the potential is that the Uniswap is their primary form of liquidity. If the value of $VHC declines in value, they could face a liquidity crunch. It’s not a big risk though. 

And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from this LUNA/UST mess, it’s that liquidity matters. We believe Vault Hill is well-positioned to handle these risks and grow its metaverse. And as we’ve said before, we think there will be many metaverse winners, not just the two who are leading right now.


So that’s our look at Vault Hill. If you think you missed out on Decentraland because you are no longer early, then you are looking for a newer quality metaverse project like this.

Therefore, if you think all the hype that Zilliqa has been getting recently for the whole metaverse sector with Metapolis is going to benefit many projects, then this project might be worth a look.

And if you think the idea of using both XR and more ‘humanizing’ aspects to make it more real and more fun is a good idea, then this project might be worth a look. So check out Vault Hill. We expect to see more from them soon.

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