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zkSync public testnet is officially online. The ETH layer 2 scaling solution known for its low gas fees and fast transactions has launched its public testnet on Ethereum.

According to the announcement, the public testnet launch is a major milestone achievement not just for zkSync but for the entire Ethereum chain. Interestingly, the announcement on Twitter describes the ZK Rollup launch as a potential gamechanger. In this article, you will discover more about this milestone.

zkSync Launch Public Testnet on Ethereum

According to reports, having an EVM-compatible ZK Rollup is a major upgrade for Ethereum. As of last year, analysts were of the opinion that while a Rollup protocol was important to Ethereum, its launch would require several years. However, zkSync has defied the odds and officially launched its public testnet on Ethereum.

It is significant to note that this is the first-ever EVM-compatible ZK Rollup on Ethereum. zkSync first mapped out its plan for the EVM roll-up in May 2021. zkEVM will serve as an enabling environment for developers to launch dapps.

Also, such developers will enjoy the EVM’s high scalability and low gas fees protocol. Moreover, the protocol will provide dApps developers with the opportunity to build dApps using Solidity. Solidity is the native programming language of the Ethereum ecosystem.

In addition, zkEVM will reduce reliance on humans as validators to the barest minimum. Instead, validation processes will be carried out using Cryptography. This will help eliminate all forms of error that could occur from humans serving as validators. The launch of zkEVM will bring to life a top-notch validation process using Cryptography. While also ensuring dApp developers enjoy the security and decentralization available on ETH chain.

On the other hand, the recent launch ZK Roll-ups will be operated by community members, which will incorporate the ethics of the Ethereum chain. Therefore, helping to improve user experience on the public chain while bringing relief to ETH scalability issues. ZK Rollup has been touted as the lasting solution to blockchain scalability issues. The launch of the testnet on Ethereum (ETH) is a step in the right direction for the entire blockchain space.

Features of zkEVM

Since its testnet launch, many developers have announced interest to launch their dApp on the zkSync 2.0.

Alongside the Roll-ups testnet launch, several other features have been put in place to facilitate the ease of launching a dApp project on zkEVM. Therefore, some of these features include:

  • Fiat on and off-ramps
  • Bridges
  • Block Explorers, Developer Tools, and voting
  • Data Oracles
  • Wallets
  • Protocol Indexing and Search
  • Lastly, funding – zkDAO recently obtained a $200 million accelerator fund from BitDAO to help fund projects and grant on zkSync.

Also, the zkEVM currently supports important features like;

  • Solidity 0.8.x
  • Native support of ECDSA signatures
  • Web3 API
  • Hardhat plugin
  • L1-L2 smart messaging
  • Lastly, Support for ETH primitives cryptography

Finally, plans are also in place to launch other features like;

  • Vyper Programming language
  • L2-L1 smart contract messaging
  • Support for Solidity older version
  • zkPorter
  • Account abstraction

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