Lelantus Launch, Other Firo Updates

The importance of privacy in the crypto and blockchain sphere cannot be over-emphasized. Zcoin, the popular privacy-focused crypto platform, has released details of several amazing updates expected to go live on its platform this month.

Interestingly, Zcoin has also disclosed plans to rebrand as Firo. The update released by the crypto platform will throw more light on what goes on behind the scenes.

According to the official announcement, November is an important month for Firo (formerly Zcoin). Its much-anticipated Lelantus upgrade is expected to go live this month. The platform, in August, released details of its Lelantus protocol audit carried out by Trail of Bits.

The privacy-centered platform is also putting finishing touches to its rebranding. Below is a complete overview of updates slated to go live on the platform in November 2020.

Protocol Updates

Firo has completed several important features on its protocol. They include:

  • Code refractor is up and running.
  • Emergency switch feature is now available and is equipped with one-year validity.
  • Ability to alter parameters, e.g., Lelantus, on the protocol. Simply put, users can now decide to either enable or disable certain parameters on the protocol.
  • Several bug fixes. The wallet is also compatible with Lelantus mints.
  • Ability to redefine (reduce or increase) spend thresholds on the Lelantus protocol.
Upcoming Protocol Updates

These include:

  • More Lelantus code refractoring.
  • Composing series of tests for the protocol emergency switch feature.
  • Conducting more tests on the protocol.
  • Launch of verification optimization.
Wallets Updates (Completed)

Completed updates on the Firo wallet include:

  • Its BIP47 code compliance.
  • Completion of rebranding for Firo.
  • Testing of the wallet token swap feature. The tests took place on the Electron wallet.
  • Commencement of its BIP47 developers’ tests.
  • Development of BIP47 from seed.
Upcoming Firo Wallet Updates
  • Plans to complete its BIP47 tests are underway.
  • Finishing touches to its redesigning.
  • More research on its web wallet.
  • More testing of its web wallet.
  • Compatibility testing of its BIP47 with Lelantus.
Other Updates
  • Firo website is finally online.
  • Several social media changes done in line with its rebranding from Zcoin to Firo. For example, its GitHub link changed to https://github.com/firoorg/.
  • Lastly, update to both its explorer and electrum.

Firo, furthermore, disclosed that users should expect more updates in the near future. It is important to note that Firo was formerly known as Zcoin. The platform disclosed plans to rebrand to the new name last August.

Zcoin (Firo) Price

At the time of writing, Zcoin was trading at $3.31, with a market cap of $37,148,110 and a 24-hour trading volume of $4,103,476.

To find out more about the Zcoin rebranding, check out the Altcoin Buzz YouTube channel.


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